Monday 23 December 2013

BLOGMAS 23: Barry M Nail Corrector Pen

Nail corrector pens are the lazy girls way to clean up a mani (this is if you can't be bothered to get some pointed cotton buds and some nail polish remover in the lid, I've been there, I won't lie)

I love this pen, it makes cleaning my nails a lot easier, I will admit that I do use pointed cotton buds and nail polish remover if I start to run out of this but it is so easy to use and comes with 2 extra double ended applicators which makes it last longer.

My only gripe though is that when it comes to switching the applicator round and you have already done your nails you run the risk of losing the nail polish you've just put on (which is a serious pain in the bum). This retails at around £5 (I got mine from Boots, but it is also available at Superdrug) and I think it's good value as your getting the extra applicators included.

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Sunday 22 December 2013

BLOGMAS 22: Smashbox Try It Set - Bestsellers

I was in Boots a while ago and saw this set for £19.00, now I'm not a fan of high end brands, I begrudge paying those prices, but for the amount you get in here (and please remember they are trial sizes), they aren't that bad.

You receive these products:

  • Face primer
  • Lid Primer
  • Mascara
  • Lip gloss
  • Eyeliner

Face Primer
I have used this and for my first dip into a primer it wasn't too bad, has a very odd texture when you apply to the skin, it feels greasy and then dissappears into the skin quite quickly.
It does make the foundation adhere to the face quite well but I don't think I will buy a full size bottle until I have tried some cheaper alternatives.

Lid Primer
This is an eye opener (in more ways than one), I love this product, it really does help your eyeshadow from creasing, If i had to buy a high end lid primer this would be it.

The mascara was pretty good it didn't clump up my lashes and it lasted quite well.

Lip Gloss
This is a nice sheer lip gloss, and could be used as a top coat over a nude lipstick to give it a bit more shine.

This eyeliner is good, I apply my liner mainly to the bottom lash line of my eyes, and the waterline. It stays in place quite well, and leaves a nice defined line, this I would buy a full sized version.

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Saturday 21 December 2013

BLOGMAS 21: Vampire Vanity - Bourjois

DISCLAIMER: This was a free gift with purchase.

This was a free gift with purchase at Superdrug, and I thought this is a great glitter for the festive season.

It is a gold leaf type glitter with a range of different sizes (there's even some micro-glitter in there as well just to flesh it out a bit), as this is part of the Bourjois 1 Seconde range the brush fitted to the nail perfectly. I used this as a top coat over Deeply in Love from Nicole by O.P.I, and I think it matched perfectly.

The distribution of the glitter onto the nail was good, and I only needed to redo a couple of nails. This surprised me as I thought that it might be a faff on as the glitter was so big, and that the distribution would be a bit pants, but as I said previously I was pleasantly surprised with how much coverage you got.

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Friday 20 December 2013

BLOGMAS 20: SEVENTEEN Stay Long Primer

DISCLAIMER: This was bought using loyalty card points.

I have been using a Smashbox trial size tube of primer and this does work well but I really don't want to pay £25.00 for a full size bottle so I have been trying drugstore primers to see how well they perform.

First up is SEVENTEEN's Stay Time Long Wear Primer, upon opening the tube the primer comes out a skin tone colour, and goes onto the face quite translucent. Once onto the skin and rubbed in it does become quite sticky, and smells very clinically. When the foundation is on it does bring out any dry patches that  you may have on your face (which is never a good look).

Not the greatest of the drugstore primers, I won't be repurchasing this primer again but I will try other products from the brand (Just because there is one bad apple it doesn't mean they all are).

Thanks for tuning in


Thursday 19 December 2013

BLOGMAS 19: Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream

These are matte lip creams and they go onto the lips very easily, they come in a range of 4 colours, and so far I have 3:

  • Powder Puff
  • Angel Delight
  • Fairy Cake

Powder Puff
Angel delight is quite a nude colour, and a good one to wear if you want a natural look.

Angel Delight
This is my most recent purchase out of the bunch, I was going to my nephew's 21st and I love a brown lip colour, so I grabbed this one. It's very nice on the lips not too dark and not too bright a gorgeous colour.

Fairy Cake
This is quite a dark pink, more of a salmon colour, good when you want a dark pink lip, I don't think I can get away with a red lip so this for me is a somewhat in between colour.

These all stay on the lips for ages but you I needed to apply a lip balm every so often otherwise my lips did dry up and start to feel claggy.  These are one of my favourite lip creams, and even having to add a lip balm every so often doesn't put me off.

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Wednesday 18 December 2013

BLOGMAS 18: Snow Me White - Sinful Colors

This is a pure white colour, and it is a very nice colour.

The 1st coat went on OK, but 2 coats were needed to get it fully opaque.

I will admit it wasn't my favourite nail polish when it went on, I will use it for a base coat if another polish needs something to bring out it's colour or as a paint for any nail art that I may attempt, but this polish on it's own not a huge fan.

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Monday 16 December 2013

BLOGMAS 17: Collection Lock N Load Lipgloss

(POSTED 17/12/2013 AT 8:17AM GMT)

I have recently been using the Collection Lock n Hold Lip glosses. These come in a range of 6 colours, and I have 2 here. The colours I have are Body Pop and Rock Steady.

Body Pop
This is quite a barbie-ish pink in the bottle but once on the lips it does go very sheer with a hint of pink in there. This can be built up so the colour can become darker the more applications you add on.

Rock Steady
This is quite a nude colour in the bottle and goes on quite sheer with a tiny hint of colour this could easily be layered over a nude lipstick to give it some shine.

These are some nice colours, I have to admit my favourite is Rock Steady (I like a sheer nude colour on the lips).

Thanks for tuning in


BLOGMAS 16: The Body Shop Christmas Lip Balms

I am overjoyed, The Body shop have brought back out their Christmas range of Cranberry Joy, Ginger Sparkle, and Vanilla Bliss.

Here I am spotlighting on the lip balms, which I loved when they came out 2 years ago (I think, they had the ranges out last year but they didn't have the lip balms)

As you may already know I am a lip balm obsessive, I love lip balm, I have 3-4 in my bag at all times, I have some in my work drawer, I have one in my coat, they are all over the place. and The Body Shop ones are marvellous.

Cranberry Joy
This just smells gorgeous, you can really smell the Cranberry. Its a really fruity infusion and feels fantastic on the lips, it also has a slight shimmer running through the balm.

Ginger Sparkle
This is another lovely lip balm from their christmas range, it gives of a nice spicy scent of Gingerbread and cinnamon.

Vanilla Bliss
This isn't my favourite of the trio, but it still smells lovely with the scent of Vanilla and a sparkle of glitter running through the dome.

Out of the trio of lip balms my favourite has to be the Cranberry, there is something about the smell of cranberries that I love at Christmas.

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Sunday 15 December 2013

BLOGMAS 15: Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and this was bought using my Boots points.

I originally saw this on a YouTube video from Liana Beauty, and thought it was such a good idea (i was in the market for a concealer that was lighter then the one I use on my face, and this just seemed to be everything rolled into one.

If you are a concealer novice it shows you in 3 easy steps how to use the concealer.

STEP 1 - Lighter side for under eye
STEP 2 - Darker side for blemishes and scars on the face
STEP 3 - Setting powder to keep it all in place.

The lighter concealer feels very creamy and isn't highly pigmented so it doesn't need too much blending in, the darker side is very creamy and very pigmented so does need some more time blending it in. The setting powder is just a white pressed powder which goes on to the face translucent.

This is a fantastic concealer and one I will purchase again.

Thanks for tuning in


Saturday 14 December 2013

BLOGMAS 14: M.U.A. Pro Base Fixing Mist

This I bought on impulse, I'd bought myself some foundation and thought the idea of a product that would keep my make up on all day and not flake off or cake was a really good idea.

It claims that it gives up to 8 hours fixing time, it also moisturises your skin. it also claims that it will protect against heat, humidity, cold, and windy weather conditions.

I've been using this for over a week now and I am really impressed with it, it has become one of my staples (I've even got my mum using it). It makes my make up last for ages, and even though I do have a lid primer on it also helps stop my eyeshadow from creasing.

It is so easy to apply, you shake the bottle, hold it at arms length and then spray across your face, this holds my make up in place really well and it also helps to keep my eyeshadow from creasing (the lid primer helps as well but this just gives it that extra boost)

I would repurchase this again

Thanks for tuning in


Friday 13 December 2013

BLOGMAS 13: Brush Cleaning

I will admit in the past I have been bad about cleaning my brushes, and I am honestly surprised I didn't catch anything. Now that my interest is back in my make up I have started to take proper care of my brushes.

I use the Strictly Professional Make Up Brush Cleaner, and some Johnsons Baby Shampoo. If I am doing a spot clean on my brushes I will use No7's Make Up Brush Cleanser.

To use this cleaner I placed a small amount in a plastic throwaway cup (1) and placed the brushes in the solution for 15mins to let the solution soak into the bristles (2 + 3).

Once the 15mins were up I then ran the brushes under the tap to rinse of the cleaner, I then filled another plastic cup with Johnsons baby shampoo and swilled the brushes round just to fully get rid of the solution off of the brushes. I then just rinse them to make sure all the shampoo is out of them (4).

Using the cleaner just gets rid of everything, while the baby shampoo makes sure I have got the cleaner out of the brushes and adds a bit of fluffiness back to them.

What do you use to clean your brushes??

Thanks for tuning in


Thursday 12 December 2013

BLOGMAS 12: Crush - Barry M

This is a lovely dark red colour which turns matte when it dries, I think a lovely colour for Christmas.

I have in the past found Barry M nail polish to be quite runny and a hassle to put on (especially the dreaded right hand), but this went on lovely and really smoothly, hardly any mistakes to clear up.

On the 1st coat this was somewhat opaque but a 2nd coat is recommended just to get full opacity.

Once it has fully dried it looks fantastic, and such a brilliant colour for this time of year.

Thanks for tuning


Wednesday 11 December 2013

BLOGMAS 11: Strictly Professional Cosmetic Brush Cleaner 150ml

I was looking on Amazon for something that I could use on my brushes as a day to day clean (I used to use Johnsons Baby Shampoo, but have now been using No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser) but I came across this on Amazon for £5.00 and thought I would give this a try as a once a week deep clean.

This would only be used once a week to really deep clean my brushes (I mainly use my foundation eyeshadow, powder and concealer brushes).

This cleaner works really well on my brushes and completely got rid of the make up that was lurking in the middle of the bristles (which I hate trying to remove with just the baby shampoo).

I have been placing a small amount in a plastic throwaway tumbler then putting the brushes in and then pushing the bristles down into the solution soaking them up to just below the ferrule. I then let them rest in the solution.
As the brushes are not fully submerged but have been fully covered by the solution, the solution will then drip down the brush back into the tumbler taking the leftover make up with it.

The price is very reasonable and you really do not need a lot of the product so 150mls is lasting quite a while for me. (I did buy 2 bottles), I've used this 3 times for a whole load of brushes and I've still got a lot left in the bottle

I am thoroughly impressed by this cleaner and will definitely be buying it again from Amazon when I run out.

Thanks for tuning in


Tuesday 10 December 2013

BLOGMAS 10: My Morning Skincare Routine

On a morning my skincare routine is quite a quick one.

1) Micellar Water
This is just to clean my face and get rid of all the muck that may have ended up on my face through the night. I have been using L'Oreal's Purifying Micellar Solution, it also leaves a clean palette to put my mosituriser on.

2) Moisturiser
I use Garnier's Moisture Match for combination to oily skin, as I said I don't like to put too much moisturiser onto my skin, with this I only need a tiny bit.

3) Lip Scrub
I am currently using Lush's Mint Juleps lip scrub, and it smells fantastic. Once you have finished using it you can just lick it off but I use water (when you think about it, it's dead skin from your lips that your licking off, and licking your lips doesn't help them too much)

4) Lip Balm
I use Maybeline Baby Lips in Intense Care, this just helps to add some moisture back into my lips.

As you can see only four steps here (not that excessive) I don't like to overload my skin with a lot of moisturising products due to the fact that my skin is combination so it can get oily and then lead to breakouts.

What do you use in the morning?

Thanks for tuning in


Monday 9 December 2013

BLOGMAS 9: SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint - Fair

DISCLAIMER: This product was bought with my Boots points.

This is a very heavy duty concealer, and with working a long day at work heavy duty is a must. This little pot first came to my attention when it was blogged about by Beauty Junkie in London.

I have to admit the consistency of the concealer did put the fear of god into me that I might have needed a trowel to put it on with but with just swirling my index finger into the pot and gently dabbing it around my under eye area it has worked really well, and the concealer blends in quite well to the skin.

This is a really good concealer and it does stay on under the eye quite long (even when I rub my eye it's still there)

I mainly use this for under eye concealing rather then all over (so my Soap & Glory still gets a look in).

Overall a really good concealer, due to it being heavy duty and you don't need to use too much on the face as it will just look like it's been caked on.

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 8 December 2013

BLOGMAS 8: What's In My Bag - Christmas Edition

I've noticed that my Blogmas hasn't really had a lot of Christmassy cheer, so while thinking of an idea for a Christmassy blog post, I literally pulled this out of the bag.

As you can see I was telling the truth when I said I pulled this post out of the bag. I bought this bag from Primark 3 years ago at around this time, and I have pulled it out every year for Christmas. It holds a load of stuff, quite a slouchy bag (but it is a pain when it chucks it down)

So now onto what I have in this mighty titan of a reindeer bag.

As you can see I carry around a lot of stuff:

  • Keys
  • Cosmetic Bag - You will see more down below as to what is in here.
  • Ear Buds - JVC Blue, I bought these from Tesco and they are fantastic, This is my 2nd pair in god knows how many years.
  • Sure Deodorant
  • Ipod - I walk to work everyday and I always listen to my ipod.
  • Pens - I always have a couple of pens flying around.
  • Work Card and Gryffindor Lanyard - I need my card to access the computer systems at work, the lanyard I bought when me and my mum went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (which was fantastic, Professor Lupin is my favourite)
  • Umbrella 
  • Memory Stick - I always keep a memory stick on me as you never know when you might need one.
  • Iphone - I never leave home without it.
  • Gaviscon
  • Purse
  • Notebook - I use this to put down any blog ideas, and at the moment I am writing in my favourites and empties so far of December.
  • Tissues
  • Saffiano Filofax - This is another thing I never leave home without it (it's helping me plan my Blogmas challenge)
In my cosmetic bag I don't carry a lot of things (mainly lip balms)

As said previously I love my lip balms, I have:
  • 3 Maybelline Baby Lips (Cherry Me, Peach Kiss, and Hydrate) - I love these lip balms they are fantastic.
  • The Body Shop Lip Balm in Cranberry Joy - This is in there due to Christmas, I need a christmassy lip balm in there. 
  • 2 Carmex Lip Balms (Mint and Cherry) -  I know, I know I am a lip balm addict, thats 6 lip balms in there.
  • Cuticura Hand Sanitser - always a good thing to have on you. 
  • Compact Mirror
  • Glass Wipes - I wear glasses all the time so I always need to have some of these flying around (especially if I'm off to the movies, I hate streaks on my glasses)
  • Vicks Inhaler - I have the crappiest sinuses so with the cold weather my nose always run (I haven't had to chase after it yet, but give it time)
  • Hemp Hand Cream - This is my favourite hand cream (it is looking a bit beaten at the moment) it has the funkiest smell but the cream is fantastic it moisturises my hands without leaving them too greasy.
  • Forever Yours Perfume  - this was just a perfume I picked up from Superdrug for £3 (I only wanted a small perfume that I could put into my bag, this has a really lovely and light smell, perfect for work).
Thanks for tuning in


BLOGMAS 7 - Where did it go.

Now some of you might be confused where Blogmas 7 went, but I posted it yesterday while at my Christmas Party via the blogger app, but because I wrote the post up on the 4th December that's when It's posted it.

So I will add a link here straight to Blogmas 7:

BLOGMAS 7: After School Boy Blazer - Essie

Now because I posted on the actual 7th and it's saying the 4th does that still count for blogging everyday??

thanks for tuning in


Friday 6 December 2013

BLOGMAS 6: B.Pure Miceller Water

I have dipped my toe in the micellar waters with L'Oreal, and I am going to try B.'s offering. Don't get me wrong I loved the L'Oreal micellar water, I just wanted to try this one out and see how this handles.

I have been using this for a couple of week's (I have just finished the bottle) and I am not a fan, there are many things about this product I really don't like and I won't be buying this again.

I don't like the opening of the bottle, the hole is so tiny (as you can see above) that you really have to shake the bottle to get anything on to the cotton wool pad. You can't take your mascara off with this because if you do and you get it in your eyes it stings like crazy.

Once I have used this on my face to take my make up off it makes my skin feel really tight and not at all refreshed.

The results may be different for other people but for me this just didn't work, and I won't be repurchasing again. I'm not going to let this put me off of the brand, but I just won't be buying this again.

Thanks for tuning in


Thursday 5 December 2013

BLOGMAS 5: No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser

As I have said previously I have wanted a brush cleanser that will just help to spot clean my brushes before I properly clean them. Through all my searches on the web, trying to find a low cost solution has been quite problematic, all that had been popping up in my searches were the high end solutions which I begrudge paying for. I wanted a brush cleanser that would spot clean my brushes for under £10.00

It wasn't until I was searching the Boots website that I found their No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser for £8.00, this fitted what I was looking for, spot cleaning and under £10.00 Fantastic.

To use this all you need to do is pump some onto a paper towel or tissue (I use cotton wool pads) and wipe your dirty brush onto it. Let the brush dry and it is ready to be used again (this doesn't replace a through wash of your brushes its just a quick clean if you don't have the time then).

I have to admit I am quite amazed by it and by how much it does pull out of my brushes, I will certainly be buying this again as it will be especially useful when going away.

Thanks for tuning in


Wednesday 4 December 2013

BLOGMAS 7: After School Boy Blazer - Essie

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and products have been bought with my own money.

This was posted 7.12.2013 but blogger app posting as earlier (does that count)

This is a lovely dark blue colour, a really dark navy to be exact. This colour seems to have taken the beauty blogger world by storm, as the colour for Autumn.

I bought this before I started reading the beauty blogs as it was such a diferent colout for Autumn. It is so easy to apply onto the nail due to the flat brush and it is so pigmented that 1 coat allows for it to be fully opaque (I used 2 coats anyway).

I absolutely loved this colour, and the formula was brilliant, quick drying, and long lasting. I will definitely be wearing the colour again during autumn and winter, one of my favourites of this year.

thanks for tuning in


BLOGMAS 4: Monday Haul

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and I am not bragging about what I have got I am just showing some products that I have purchased recently that will be popping up on the blog in the coming weeks/months.

*denotes a free gift with purchase

So on Monday I went shopping and ended up splurging on some cosmetics.


1) Bourjois Little Round Eyeshadow Pot (no09) - I used to love the little round eyeshadow pots and have not used one for ages, so I thought it might be time to start using them again.
2) N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer - This was on Superdrug's top 5 primers so I thought I would give this a try.
3) Bourjois Little Round Eyeshadow Pot (no05)
4) N.Y.C. Expert Last Lip Color (Chocolate Chip) - I love a brown lipstick (I have an abundance of them in my make up bag), but you can never go wrong with a brown lip.
5) Bourjois 1 Seconde Top Coat (Vampire Vanity)* - This is a gold lea type glitter (so it might become fiddly when I am applying it but we'll see)
6) N.Y.C Showtime Mascara (Black)

At Superdrug if you buy 2 Bourjois cosmetics you then get the gold glitter top coat for free.


1) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (French Fries) - I have seen NYX cosmetics and have been wanting some for ages. When I found out Next stocked them that was it I had to get some for my make up bag.
2) NYX Roll On Shimmer (Walnut) - I thought the shimmer roll on's would be good for the Christmas period and New Year.
3) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Dark Brown)
4) NYX Roll On Shimmer (Platinum)


1) Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (51 Light Vanilla) - I have only heard good things regarding this foundation so I thought I would take the plunge and give it a whirl.
2) SEVENTEEN On The Spot Foundation (Porcelain) - I recieved a voucher via the instore machine to get £2 off of this foundation so I got it at £4.99 instead of £6.99. This might be worth a try.
3) Bourjois Fan-Tastic Volume Mascara (Fan-tastic Black) - This I have been coveting for ages (I am fickle as I love the packaging) so I took the plunge.
4) Bourjois Little Round Eyeshadow Pot (no11)
5) Natural Collection Nail Polish (Burgundy) - I thought this looked like a really good Christmassy colour.
6) No7 Matte Top Coat - I have been after a matte top coat for ages, and I finally managed to get a hold of this one from No7.
7) Smoky Eyes Eyeshadow Trio (01 Gris Dandy)* - 
8) Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays (Black)*
9) Bourjois So Laque Nail Polish (Rouge Escarpin 24)*
10) Bourjois Effet 3D Lip Gloss (06 Rouge Democratic)*

With Boots if you spend £15 on Bourjois cosmetics you then get the Iconic Glam makeup kit (this features the starred products above).

All the above products will be reviewed in the near future so keep an eye out for the posts.

Thanks for tuning in


Tuesday 3 December 2013

BLOGMAS 3: Peacock Green - Mavala

Welcome to the start of December and the time for the christmassy nails to make an entrance and this is a great colour to use.

This polish is a a dark green with a bit of a shimmer running through it, a very christmassy colour (The bottle is looking a bit worse for wear due to the fact I couldn't get it open and we ended up using some pliers).

The colour is very pigmented, after just the one coat it was absolutely opaque, I did add a 2nd coat anyway but it wasn't really needed.

The polish applied easily to the nail and the formula was fantastic, not too many mistakes on the dreaded right hand.

I can say that this colour is a great colour for December, and I will be wearing it again through the Christmas period.

Thanks for tuning in


Monday 2 December 2013

BLOGMAS 2: November Empties 2013

Welcome to my monthly November empties post.

1) Kleenex Facial Cloths
These I have had flying around at the back of my bathroom cupboard for ages and finally got around to using them (I'm not sure if they still sell these anymore, but don't trust me on it)

2) Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Wipes 25s (£1.50) 
I use make up wipes to get my foundation off (I saw this being done by BeautyBaby44 on one of her youtube videos and thought it was a good idea)

3) Mark Hill Straight Spray
This is another that has been lying around my bathroom for a while, I haven't used it in months and it just looked like it was festering. I know they have rep

4) Mark Hill Straight Shampoo
As you can see this is the old packaging, and I have had this bottle for a while.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara
I wasn't a big fan of this mascara, the idea of the long brush is sound but I just kept poking myself in the eye and giving myself panda eyes (not a good look)

6) Corsodyl Toothpaste
I bought this thinking it might help my gums and it did but I just could not get over the taste of it. It has sea salt in it so it makes it quite salty and just leaves a really weird taste in the mouth.

7) Dove Maximum Protection go fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent
This I bought as an alternative to the Sure version which I have used previously and will be going back to using the Sure version of this.

8) Boots Oval Double Sided Cotton Wool Pads x50
I wasn't a big fan of the size of these cotton pads, I loved the double sided texture of them thought, you had a lighter texture for using the pad on your face, and then a much tighter texture if you were going to use on the nails. I didn't like the size of the pads as I thought they were a tiny bit too big, but boots do these exact same pads in the round size so might have to invest in them next month.

9) Cotton Wool Pads 100X Superdrug
I bought these from superdrug mainly to use for nail polish remover, but when I bought the L'oreal micellar water, these found a permanent place in the bathroom. I will repurchase these again, but at the moment I am trying out the oval sized cotton wool pads to see how they do.

10) Superdrug Cotton Wool Buds
These are pointed on one end and are fantastic for tidying up nail polish mistakes (especially on the dreaded white hand)

11) Rub Rub Rub - Lush
This stuff is fantastic, I absolutely love it as a body scrub.

12) Batiste Dry Shampoo (Tropical)
I always use a dry shampoo when my hair is straight, it is just to refresh my if I leave it down. This one had such a lovely scent of coconut (I love coconut)

13) Elnett Satin Extra Strength Flexible Hold Hairspray
With my hair being straight for the last couple of days, I have been using up hair spray, just to keep my hair from frizzing up and flying all over the place.

14) L'Oreal 2 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
I love this to take off my make up, I mainly use for my eyes then do a once over of my face to get the last little bit of foundation and primer off.

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 1 December 2013

BLOGMAS 1: November Favourites

Welcome to another edition of my favourites from the month, here you will find November's.

*indicates a product that was bought with points

1) Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo - Permanent Taupe
I love the whole range of colours in the color tattoo range but at the moment I am loving this colour. It's a good colour for wearing when you are just having a casual day, not too bright and not too dark, also a nice colour for the season .

2) Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - Light*
This I found via Liana Beauty when she did a video on drugstore brands, and I thought this was a handy little package, especially if you were a novice at using concealer. This pot shows you 3 easy steps to apply the concealer. I love the 2 different sections, the lighter one for under eye and the darker for any spots or blemishes.

3) Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Foundation
I love this foundation it's not too heavy on the face and matches my skin tone brilliantly, I will be purchasing this again.

4) No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser*
I was looking for an on the spor cleaner ready for going away and I was just browsing on the Boots website when I came across the No7 brush cleanser. It is so easy to use you just pump some onto some tissue and swirl your brush around.

5) MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist
I think this product is genius, and it does work, you just spray your face once you have put your make up on and then it keeps it all in place.

6) In The Navy - Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish
November saw the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and I wanted a nice Doctor Who Blue for the month and this one was it, I only needed 1 coat and it was fully opaque. I absolutely loved the colour and matched the Doctor Who Blue that I was after.

7) My Vampire is Buff - O.P.I 
I put this colour on my nails as it matched an outfit I was wearing to a night out, but I absolutely love the colour and it has become one of my favourites especially during Autumn.

8) Parisian Rooftops - L'Oreal
I love this colour, it is such a lovely brown colour and it went easy onto the nail absolutely fantastic.

9) Catherine Wheel - Models Own
I used this in tribute to the Hunger Games (the glitter is yellow and red, and simulates fire AKA the girl on fire AKA Katniss). I put 2 coats onto my nails just so that I got a good coverage and it shows up lovely when the light hits it.

10) Crush - Barry M
This is part of the Barry M matte range, It's a dark berry red and such a lovely colour for Christmas.

I hope you liked some of the favourites that I chose. What were you liking in November?

Thanks for tuning in



Hi Guys,

Now from what I can gather Blogmas is when you blog everyday on the run up to Christmas, well I am going to have a go (I have a list of blog posts), but I am going to go one better and put up a blog post everyday.

I shall persevere with this and go from my list of blog posts.

fingers crossed

thanks for tuning in


Saturday 30 November 2013

Use Up December

I have set myself a task for December, use up any products that I have that are half empty. I've decided to do this for a couple of reasons:

a) Clear some space in my bathroom
b) Not to buy anymore skincare, haircare and so on until they are used up.


c) It's Christmas so I will probably get a shed load of smellies for Christmas, so will need the room for them.

A sample of the products that I have to use up are:-

  • Shampoo
  • A shed load of deodorants
  • Body Sprays
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Wool
  • Moisturisers
  • Bubble Bath
  • Shower Gel

You will be able to catch up with how I am doing the beginning of January (I may post halfway through December to show you how I am doing)

Thanks for tuning in


Friday 29 November 2013

Sardonyx - Models Own

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and the product has been bought with my own money.

Sardonyx - Models Own
This is a lovely red colour with glitter running through it, it is from the Models Own Velvet Goth collection which comes in a range of 5 colours.

The polish is very thick and gloopy (this is probably due to the amount of glitter that is in the bottle). The colour is really quite dark and the coverage is really good, the glitter fully covers the nail.

The polish has a quick drying time, and does look really good, a lovely colour for autumn/ winter, I didn't use a top coat as once the polish is on it leaves a nice texture to the nail. This is a colour I will be wearing again especially for the party season.

Thanks for tuning in


Thursday 28 November 2013

Reggae Splash - Rimmel

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and products were bought with my own money.

This is a nice orangey colour (it looked quite peachy in the bottle) but when it is on the nails it does go a lot more orange than first thought.

The polish goes on to the nail really well and the brush fits to the nail bed. The polish can be a tiny bit drippy but this could be because the brush is quite large and has a bigger amount of polish on the brush then a classic brush would.

On applying the 1st coat the polish is quite sheer so I ended up adding 3 coats in the end. Once on after the 3 coats it did turn opaque.

Overall a nice polish, and one I would probably wear in the summer rather than autumn/ winter (unless the colour matched what I was wearing)

Thanks for tuning in


Monday 25 November 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and product was bought with my own money.

When I have straightened my hair and want to keep the style in for a couple more days before my hair goes back to its natural state of an explosion, I use Batiste's Dry Shampoo. The dry shampoo comes in a range of scents and some even come for specific hair types so there is a very wide range to choose from.

The ones that I have been using recently are the Cherry and Tropical scent (Tropical is going to be featured in my November Favourites, a heads up for you).

I love the scents coming off of these ones especially and they work brilliantly in the hair, they stop my hair from looking greasy and makes my hair smell lovely.

What is your favourite from the batiste range?

Thanks for tuning in


Avon Mega Effects Mascara

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and product has been bought with my own money.

I am always trying to find a good mascara, it is like the holy grail, I've been using this one for a while and I am not impressed. I was at first with the applicator being so different but after trying to apply this, I can't even count how many times I have ended up looking like a panda because this has smuged, or I've stabbed myself in the eye trying to apply to my lashes.

The shelf life of the mascara is only 3 months which is so short from the regular 6 months that other mascara's give you (I am really strict when it comes to mascara's as the formula is going near my eyes I don't want to tempt fate by using past their recommended date.

On the whole the mascara is good but for me I just couldn't get around the applicator and I thought for the price of the product and the shelf life it just was not worth repurchasing.

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 24 November 2013

Boots Points Haul

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and these products were bought using my Boots Beauty Points. I'm also not trying to brag, this is to show what I'll be reviewing in the coming weeks, and what you can buy with your beauty points from Boots.

I was sat at home and my points card starting to burn a small hole in my purse, so I thought I would go down to the local boots and spend some of my points.

So here is what I grabbed:

  1. Ecotools Flat Foundation Brush - As I have started to wear foundation a lot more I only have 3 brushes and I can't deal with sponges, so I grabbed an ectools brush to add to my main collection.
  2. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - My nails are quite brittle and keep peeling so I thought some hard as nails might help strengthen them up.
  3. Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer  - I saw this on Liana Beauty's youtube channel (she was doing a drugstore makeup routine)
  4. Boots Essentials manicure sticks - As I've bought the cuticle remover I'll need some manicure sticks to push the cuticles back
  5. 17 Eye Shadow Brush - I was looking for a concealer brush, but the one I did find was massive and while I was browsing the brush display I found this 17 eyeshadow brush and thought I would give it a go as a concealer brush until I properly went shopping next Friday.
  6. Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer - I found this on Beauty Junkie in London's blog, and thought I wouldn't mind trying that.
  7. No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser - I've been looking or a quick fix brush cleanser for ages, and I didn't want to pay over the odds for it, this was only £8 (it was also the main thing I wanted).
  8. Seventeen Stay Time Long Wear Primer - I have been using a Smashbox trial size primer and it is quite good, but I'm not going to pay the price for a full size tube so I am dipping my toes into different primers.
  9. Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover - I've nearly finished my Sally Hansen stregthening nail polish remover so I thought I would give Cutex a try and see what they were like.
  10. Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover - This was featured in a blog post on a nail care kit by Vivianna Does Makeup, and I have been wanting to try this for a while to see what it was like.
I am looking forward to trying all this out, and will review all these products soon.

thanks for tuning in


Friday 15 November 2013

Red Red Wine - Models Own

DISCLAIMER:: All opinions are my own, and the product was bought with my own money.

This is a lovely dark red colour but I think you need a white undercoat for this as after two coats it's not fully opaque and it is quite a sheer colour.

Two coats does give you good coverage, but this is also quite a drippy formula, and when doing the dreaded right hand there were quite a couple of mistakes that needed cleaning up.

Overall I will use this again but I'll make sure I have the cotton buds on hand to clean up the mistakes.

thanks for tuning in


Monday 11 November 2013

Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Foundation

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, Products have been bought with my own money.

I am not a big fan of foundation, I can never get it right, I find the wrong colour for me or I just look like I've been tango'd. I did previously have the L'Oreal Infallible foundation and I loved that and thought it was a good foundation.

While I was out shopping I thought I would give the foundation another try, and I found Maybelline's Super Stay 24HR Foundation in Light Beige. I have quite a light skin tone so the light beige was just the right colour on the back of my hand.

I have been wearing this for a week now, and I love it it matches my skin tone perfectly, and evens my skin out.

I will continue using this foundation, and maybe dip my toe further in the foundation seas and try other brands.

Thanks for tuning in


My Work Face

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and products have been purchased with my own money.

This is the first of many postings about what cosmetics I wear, whether it be a normal day at work, at the weekend, or a night out.

Here is my work face edition.

Hope you enjoy.

My Work Face - Products Used

1) Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Foundation - Light Beige
I'm not a big fan of foundation,but I am loving this one, I use this every day just to give me an even complexion.

2) Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer
I use this on the eyes to help my eyeshadow stay longer, and to prevent creasing.

3) Eyelash Curlers
Says it all in the title really, I can't remember where I got these curlers from but they are the best one's I've got.

4) MUA Colourblast Eyeshadow Tint - A Girl Like Me
This is a lovely nude colour for work, it allows me to create a natural look (I don't like dark colours when I am work, less is more I say)

5) 17 Doll'd Up Mascara - Black
This works really well doesn't make my eyelashes clump, and gives them a good curl.

6) 17 Hide Away Concealer - Fair
This I always use on the dark circles under my eyes, and any horrid spots that I have popping up.

7) MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist
This I have only just recently tried and it is really good, my make up has been staying in place really well.

Thanks for tuning in


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Sunday 10 November 2013

Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

I'm always on the lookout for a good eyeshadow primer (Eyeshadow is my most worn cosmetic) so something that is going to keep it in place without creasing is always a good thing.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lid Primer
Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

I found this shadow primer from Rimmel for £4.99, very affordable and different to other primers I had seen out there on the market (a lot of lid primers are brown tones, this was white).

I have been using this primer for the last couple of weeks and I will admit that it does have pros and cons.

It goes onto the eyelid quite easily, I just dab a bit onto each lid then smooth it over the eyelid, the con is that you have to let it dry otherwise it just mashes in to your eyeshadow.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lid Primer_Uncapped
Once dry you can then apply your eyeshadow (I've mostly been using MUA Colourblast Eyeshadow Tint in Stay), I have noticed that it does brighten the eyeshadow when it is applied to lid, but by the end of the day it has creased, the eyeshadow is still on the lid but it has creased on the crease of the lid (con).

Even though the shadow does crease by the end of the day, the shadow is still there in the end (which for me is still a good thing).

Overall, I will finish the pot but am unsure as to whether I would buy this again, but if I want just an shadow primer, this is the only low end product that I can find, the others are high end which I really don't want to pay if I don't have to so until I can find another alternative I will carry on.

thanks for tuning in


Saturday 9 November 2013

Haute Chocolate - Sally Hansen

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and product has been bought with my own money.

This is the first time I have tried a Sally Hansen nail polish. The complete salon manicure boasts that it has a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour, and a top coat all in one bottle.

Haute Chocolate on the nails

Haute chocolate is a lovely chocolately colour with a shimmer running through it. This is a lovely colour for Autumn, it reminds me of cold autumn nights snuggled up with a hot chocolate.

The brush is a flat one and when you pull the brush from the bottle you do get a lot of polish on there. The polish is also quite pigmented so even with just one coat the polish goes pigmented. (I put a 2nd coat on anyway).

The polish has all these properties in the one bottle that it does add to the drying time, I would suggest a fast drying top coat.

Overall Thoughts

I loved this polish and I think this will become one of my Autumn staples.

thanks for tuning in


Wednesday 6 November 2013

October Favourites - 2013

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and the products have been bought with my own money.

Hi everybody and welcome to my first installment of my monthly favourites.

L'Oreal Micellar Water
I have been loving this in October, I won't badger on about this as I have already posted about it to read more click the title bar above, but I will be buying this again.

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser
This is a lovely facial moisturiser and it has been doing wonders for the dry areas on my face, you can read more about it by clicking the link above.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash
I love The Body Shop, their products are fantastic and smell amazing. This one doesn't have the greatest of smells (it smells quite clinical) but it does wonders for your face, I use the facial brush that can also be found in The Body Shop. I use this on an evening to really deep clean my face.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
I am loving this hand cream, it doesn't leave your hands to greasy when it is applied and it keeps them all nice and supple.

Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub
I love this body scrub, it takes off all the dead skin that can accumulate on your body (I'm running out so thank god I'm off as I can go and grab some more). I love this and will be repurchasing this again.

MUA Colourblast Eyeshadow Tint - A Girl Like Me (Superdrug)
I love eyeshadow crayons, I'm not a morning person so something that is going to help me apply make up quicker is a godsend. I love this colour especially as when I go to work I like a nice natural look and this colour provides it.

Collection Work The Colour Shadow Pencil -  Gunmetal Glitz
This is a lovely colour, a great one for Autmun, I don't wear this all the time but I do wear it during the weekend or if I am going on a night out somewhere.

17 Doll'd Up Mascara - Blackest Black
This is a lovely mascara it gives me a full coverage and does make my lashes look somewhat fuller.

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm
I've refound my love for Carmex Lip Balm, I just found it in the bedroom, and thought I would like a change and have had this in my bag as my go to lip balm for most of this month, I love the packaging and when your in a rush it allows you to apply and go.

After School Boy Blazer - Essie
This is a beauty bloggers must have it seems, every beauty blogger under the sun is raving about this polish , and yes I am following suit.
This nail polish is a lovely dark navy colour, it looks black in some lights, and Navy in others.

Models Own - 5-in-1
I love this, it's a 5-in-1 top and base coat and it is fantastic, wil certainly buy again, it stops my nails from yellowing and it keeps them all nice and healthy.

Cloud 9 - Sinful Colors (Boots)
I was surprised with how much I really liked this colour, I bought it to use for Halloween, and I actually liked it on its own and think I will wear it again next summer.

Shade 9 - 2 True (Superdrug) (I missed this out of the picture accidentally, really sorry)
This is a lovely dark brown colour and a great one for Autumn. This stayed on my nails for days without chipping, one I will most definitely wear again.

Forever Yours EDT (Superdrug)
This I picked up while I was waiting in the queue to pay for my purchases and thought I need a small perfume to go in my bag and thought I would try this out for only £3.00

Rimmel Exaggerate Lid Primer
This is a good primer for your lids, it works really well and it keeps the eyeshadow on the lid for a long time.

Reviews on these products will be forthcoming in the near future.

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 3 November 2013

October Empties - 2013

Hi and welcome to my first installment of my monthly empties post.

1) The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash
This is only a sample size bottle that I got in a set to try out the range, and it is fantastic, this clears your skin up brilliantly.

2) Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cherry
I have been an avid fan of dry shampoo since I first found it, this one was lovely and had a nice cherry scent.

3) The Body Shop Ginger Shower Gel.
I got this in a gift set for Christmas off of my stepson and have just finished it, it was absolutely lovely such a christmassy scent

4) Britney Spears Curious
I got this for Christmas one year and have just finished using it, it has a lovely scent, and it is one I would buy again.

5) Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant
When it comes to deodorant I am quite fickle, I want a deodorant to do what it says on the tin, and this one did come quite close, I will probably repurchase this again.

thanks for tuning in


Wednesday 30 October 2013

Artstix Nail Art Pen

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and product has been bought with my own money.

Models Own have a line of nail art pens consisting of 9 colours, which are 5 pastel colours, 2 metallics and White, Black and Pink. I have the Black one.

Artstix Nail Art Pen - Black

I was using the black one to create stripes on my nails. The brush took a while to get used to as it is quite long but once I did it didn't seem to go too badly. The brush is quite long and a lot of the product does stay on the brush, I spent a lot of my time getting the excess off of the brush. The lines it created were quite bold and I only needed to use it once to get an opaque line.

You can also use the dotting section of the pen, but for the moment trying to create lines was a baby step for me.

Overall Thoughts.

I thought this product was good and I will use it again but only quite rarely when I want to have a try at nail art again.

thanks for tuning in


Cloud 9 - Sinful Colors

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and product has been bought with my own money.

This is a lovely orange colour which has a shimmer all the way through it, a brilliant colour for Halloween and I would also use this for summer.

Cloud 9 - Sinful Colors
The formula is quite drippy but it does dry quickly, on the first coat the polish was quite sheer, but as soon as the 2nd coat was applied the polish became fully opaque.

The price of this polish is quite reasonable at £1.99 at Boots, and they have a fantastic range of colours to choose from.

With this polish you have the classic brush, the polish goes on the nail quite easily.

Overall Thoughts.

I was quite surprised with how lovely this polish actually is and look forward to using it again.

thanks for tuning in


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a spooooky time

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 27 October 2013

Can't Find My Czechbook - O.P.I

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and was bought with my own money (unless stated otherwise)

I bought Can't Find My Czechbook as it was a light blue colour, this colour is lovely a really nice blue shade. I thought this colour would be good for the start of Autumn when the temperatures are starting to drop.  This polish is part of O.P.I's Euro Centrale collection.

The first coat looked quite streaky when applied to the nail, but it did apply well (especially when painting my right hand, minimal mistakes) The polish dries quickly and looks lovely on the nails. The second coat covered the nail nicely and turned the colour opaque on the nail.

I bought this from Nail Polish Direct for a great price of £7.99 (it was either that or £11.50 at John Lewis). I can not fault the service with the company, my order was dispatched the same day and delviered a couple of days later.

Overall a great nail polish, and one I will be using again.

Thanks for tuning in


Garnier Moisture Match (Shine be Gone)

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and product was bought with my own money.

Moisturising is a massive thing and my face needs it big time but my skin is prone to breakouts and I have very dry skin, so to find a moisturiser for me that won't leave me with spots all over my face is a problem.

While in the local supermarket I found Garnier Moisture Match 24H Hydration mattifying fresh cream, this also comes in different products for different skin types. I chose the 'Shine Be Gone' option as it is for combination to oily skin.

Garnier Moisture Match

I managed to pick this up on offer for £4.99 and trialed this for a week to see how my skin handled the product.

Actual tube containing the product.

The tube is 50mls and you only need a small amount to put on your face, as I said I was quite dubious about this as I feared a breakout on my skin, but but using a small amount it left my skin feeling refreshed. It also kept away the dry skin that does accumulate on my face and kept it moisturised

Small amount on the hand

Overall Thoughts.

The product was really good and I will certainly add this to my everyday skincare regime.

Thanks for tuning in