Tuesday 10 December 2013

BLOGMAS 10: My Morning Skincare Routine

On a morning my skincare routine is quite a quick one.

1) Micellar Water
This is just to clean my face and get rid of all the muck that may have ended up on my face through the night. I have been using L'Oreal's Purifying Micellar Solution, it also leaves a clean palette to put my mosituriser on.

2) Moisturiser
I use Garnier's Moisture Match for combination to oily skin, as I said I don't like to put too much moisturiser onto my skin, with this I only need a tiny bit.

3) Lip Scrub
I am currently using Lush's Mint Juleps lip scrub, and it smells fantastic. Once you have finished using it you can just lick it off but I use water (when you think about it, it's dead skin from your lips that your licking off, and licking your lips doesn't help them too much)

4) Lip Balm
I use Maybeline Baby Lips in Intense Care, this just helps to add some moisture back into my lips.

As you can see only four steps here (not that excessive) I don't like to overload my skin with a lot of moisturising products due to the fact that my skin is combination so it can get oily and then lead to breakouts.

What do you use in the morning?

Thanks for tuning in


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