Friday 17 April 2015

Noted absence

Hey everyone,

I broke my New Years resolution and it is only April but a lot of things happened.

First work had an inspection by CQC (I work at a doctors surgery in IT), so that was a busy time, then I got pharyngitis and was laid up for 4 days (I still have the residual effects of it now), then on Easter Monday my cat was hit by a car and had to have his back leg amputated (we don't have pet insurance so the cost has skyrocketed), he's OK so don't panic he's adapting well to the change and he just had his stitches out today.

The bandage has come off (came off last Friday)

I am hoping to be back blogging the 1st May with a double favourites and a double empties on the 2nd May and hopefully will be able to get into the blogging swing of things (just have to find my blogging notebook)

Thanks for tuning in