Sunday 24 August 2014

Sleek i-Divine Palette - Garden of Eden

Sleek really know their stuff when it comes to makeup palettes, they really seem to push boundaries when it comes to the colours that they add to the palettes.

This palette is one such concotion that allows the user to jump out of their comfort zone when it comes to colour. The Garden of Eden palette is based on the story of the Garden of Eden and features colours around that theme, so expect to see a lot of brown's and green's.

Top Row
The top row contains some gorgeous colours mostly metallic shimmers with the one matte shade on the edge. Forbidden is a great shade as it has flecks of gold in the shadow, and I love Eve's Kiss as this is such a lovely metallic pink shade. These shades are brilliant for during the day, whereas the bottom row I think is the colors where you can start to be creative.

Bottom Row
These shades are I think the ones where you can be more creative when it comes to the eyes. I will admit I have used this row once or twice when creating a smoky eye but I generally steer clear on a day to day basis. 
The shadows are all blendable and there are some gorgeous colours, out of this row I love fig, it is such an amazing colour and looks so pretty on the eyes.

This is a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, and Sleek know how to bring it with their palettes, this can be found at your local Boots or Superdrug.

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Rimmel Lipstick Lock

This was a spur of the moment purchase, I don't wear lipstick that often (a beauty blogger that doesn't always wear lipstick shock! horror!), but when I do, I do like it to last.

This looks like a dupe for lipcote (another lip lock product).

What you do with this is once your lipstick is applied you blot it and then apply a light coat of this over the top. Once applied you then have to wait for it to dry (you can't put your lips together until it has).

It does make my lipstick last by drying it to a matte feel (think of the bourjois rouge edition velvet's and your about there for the sensation), what I'm not a fan of is the smell as it just stinks and it smells like chemicals, which is a product turn off especially when it is going on your lips and there is a minute chance that you will probably end up with some in your mouth (not a nice thought).

It's a good product but the chemical smell just puts me off.

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Friday 22 August 2014

Natural Collection Bushed Cheeks - Pink Cloud

I've slowly started to dip my toe into blusher and I picked this up from Boots. When I am trying something I want to work my way up the price ladder so to speak so this was next on the price rung at £1.99

I have found Natural Collection to be hit and miss, there can be some great products, and then there are ones you really need to stay away from, and for me this was a miss.

I loved the colour of the blusher, but I found when applied to the skin it was so sheer on the skin it just didn't show up it was so sheer I just ended up swirling the brush around the pot for ages.

Overall not a blusher I will purchase again.

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Monday 18 August 2014

Models Own Quick Dry Drops

I love Models Own nail polish, I think they are some of the best, so when I saw this in my local Superdrug, it found it's way into my basket.

The premise of this product is once you have painted your nails you then add a couple of drops of this onto your nails and it dries them quicker. The product comes with a little pipette that you use to apply the product to the nail, this then takes over as the lid as you screw it back onto the bottle.

I painted my nails then put this on, now I will admit that I have been spoilt by Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray for Nails, which dries really fast. I gave these 2 minutes and they were still tacky (Elegant Touch dries in 1 minute) so I really wasn't impressed with these drops as much as I thought I would be.

The idea is sound, but for me this product just doesn't work.

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Friday 15 August 2014

MUA Complexion Matte Primer

I am always on the lookout for a good primer, so when I saw this in my local Superdrug for £4 I thought I have to try this.

The description for this primer is that it is good or normal/combination skins as well as oily skin, so this was really right up my street.

I've been testing this out and it applies to the skin well and is silicone based so does feel quite oily when applying to the skin, the tube is small (7.5ml) but does last well and the price isn't too bad either (£4.00).

The primer has been put through its paces as my region of the UK has been experiencing soaring tempratures over the last couple of days so it is having to fight sweating (which it failed at, but it has been exceptionally hot so I will let it off a tiny bit).

I do like this primer, it makes my face matte and it does cover my pores really well, the packaging is nice in its simplicity. The product starts an orangey colour and does go clear on the skin making it ready for when you apply your foundation. You only need to apply a small amount as it can become quite greasy if you apply too much.

I like this primer it does help keep your foundation on for longer and I have noticed that it does stop my face becoming to shiny so it does do what it says on the tin. This is a primer I would repurchase again.

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Thursday 14 August 2014

Lime Basil - Revlon Parfumerie

The parfumerie range from Revlon was a massive launch this year, the theory with this polish is that it is scented and to show this the bottles are in the shape of parisian perfume bottles (they seem Parisian to me).

This is a different colour to what I am used to so I am pushing some boundaries (well my boundaries but they are boundaries). The colour is between a pastel and a dark green you could agree on a lime kind of green.

When you open the bottle you get a hint of what the smell might be. The brush is a small, thin brush which allows for you to reach in the corners. With a thin brush I did worry that it would be streaky, on the first application it was but it corrected itself once the second coat was applied.

I applied a top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dry), and worried that the smell might not come through once dried, but I was pleasantly surprised that the smell came through and what surprised me even more is the smell lasted a couple of days, I was only expecting it to last a day at most.

Overall a great polish and one that I will be wearing again come Spring.

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Wednesday 13 August 2014

MUA Blusher

Since becoming a beauty blogger I have made myself step out of my comfort zone when it comes to makeup, and one of those comfort zones is blusher. I am not a big big fan of blusher it scares me (yes a beauty product scares me).

While I was in Superdrug I was being nosy at the MUA stand and just thought I would have a look at what they have in the shape of blusher, and I came across these little beauties for £1.

Lolly is a pale pink colour that has glitter running through it, this is very light on the skin and adds a nice pop of colour on the cheeks.

Cupcake is a matte peachy shade that is very pigmented so only a small amount is needed on the brush.

These blushers are really pigmented, and for £1 they are really inexpensive. The blushers also blend really well and doesn't leave any harsh lines behind. Out of both of these I have to say that cupcake is my favourite, it gives a really nice flush of colour on the cheeks and applies really smoothly.

These blushers are fantastic if you are just starting out with blusher and don't want to spend a fortune on blushers.

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Tuesday 12 August 2014

The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter*

I love lip balm, and this one I have had for ages, my partner bought me it for Christmas one year and I have just started to use it (the pot put me off mainly). All I have to say is Shame On Me, this lip butter is fantastic I love the scent (I am a chocaholic, so this is always up my street).

The lip butter applies to the lips really well and this one gives a nice shine to lips while it also moisturises.

I have very dry lips so this helps to keep them moisturised and what surprised me about this lip butter is that once applied it stays on the lips for ages.

This is a great lip butter and at the moment one of my favourites, and one I will repurchase again in the future.

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Monday 11 August 2014

Avon Infinitize Mascara

I was perusing the catalogue when I noticed this mascara (there was a 2 page spread on the mascara so it was pretty hard to miss). As you know I am a mascara junkie so when I saw the brush on this thing that was it I wanted to try it.

The brush is quite large so it does take some getting used to especially when applying the mascara at the roots. The brush is very different to what I have tried before (in the picture the brush looks quite scary). The brush is also different as it has larger bristles which then start to get smaller as you get to the end of the brush.

The mascara contains lash sculpting, lengthening fibres and a curling molecule that will help shape and set the mascara for 24hours. I will admit that I do like this mascara and the brush did take some time to get used to (there was some poking of the eye with the bristles, depth perception was a tiny bit off), but once I got used to the mascara wand I found that it really did lengthen my lashes and didn't clump, there was also no excess product on the brush (as you know I hate this with a passion).

I managed to get the mascara when it was on offer, but it fully retails at £10.00, which for an Avon mascara is very common, and with Avon their makeup is always on offer (so keep an eye out)

Overall a great mascara, and one I would repurchase again.

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Sunday 10 August 2014

July Favourites

Welcome to my July Favourites.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream - With the hot weather I have been using a lot of light bases, and I have been loving this CC Cream from Bourjois
SEVENTEEN Super Lash Liner - I've had this eyeliner for a while but I have always been scared of liquid eyeliner as I am worried of it going completely Pete Tong. Since using the Benefit They're Real eyeliner I have started to experiment, and this eyeliner is fantastic The nib is wedge shape so you can do a thick or thin line, and because it is a stiff nib it allowed for a more precise handling of the pen when you may have a shaky hand.
Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner - I really do like this liner, it applies well and really does hug the lash line really close.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - This was a little treat to myself for my birthday, I am a chocoholic, I love chocolate so when I saw this on the Debenhams website I knew I wanted it, and my god it is such a gorgeous palette
Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion - I received this as a free gift with my naked palettes and have been trying this one out, and I have to admit I love it, it lasts ages and really brings out the colour of my eyeshadows. This I will be buying a full sized version as it is just that good.
The Body Shop Mango Body Butter - I love this body butter, I have been using it through summer and it has just such a summery scent
The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Mini Purse Spray - I bought this from The Body Shop on Oxford Street when I was in London, and was told by the cashier that it was their new release. It smells really gorgeous and because it's a purse spray it fits really neatly into my bag.

EcoTools Sheer Kabuki Brush - I love a stippling brush, they are good for blending in blusher and bronzer, and also for buffing in liquid foundation

Avon Makeup Setting Spray - This is the most recent launch from Avon their makeup setting spray, this I am in love with. The size of the bottle (125ml) and for £3 (was on introductory offer but retails for £6 when at full price). It sets my makeup well and really helps prolong the life of my foundation.

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Monday 4 August 2014

July Empties 2014

Welcome to my July empties, I know my posts have been few and far between but I am trying to get back in sync with them, so let's get on with the show.

 First is skincare/ fragrance:

Johnson's Baby Shampoo - I use this mainly to clean my brushes as it isn't harsh with them, I have a larger bottle that I have started using now so it has already been repurchased.

The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub - I got this as part of a set for Mother's Day off of my stepson, and I am absolutely in love with it and I will be repurchasing this.

Forever Yours Purse Spray - I bought this for £3 in Superdrug just as a perfume that would fit in my bag, and it smelled so lovely.

Dove Original Deodorant (mini) - As you know in last months favourites I was reacquainted with an old friend which was the Dove original deodorant, I finished a mini as I use them for when I go on a night out as they fit into my clutch bag brilliantly.

Next is wipes

Boots Double Sided Round Cotton Wool - I love these, they are so soft on the skin especially when using with my micellar water to remove my makeup

Handy Wipes - These are fabulous I bought them from our local Home Bargains and they are just all purpose wipes and because they are small in size they fit perfectly in a handbag.

Baby Wipes - Another pack of baby wipes, I get through a lot of these as I use them on my vanity to wipe up any messes or wipe my hands from any makeup just until I get to the bathroom.

Next is cosmetics:

MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist - As you know this is my 2nd bottle of this setting spray which I would repurchase but at the moment I am trying out the Avon Setting Spray.

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara - I am gutted to say goodbye to this beauty, it is rare for me to repurchase a mascara but this one I will. It worked brilliantly on my lashes and the large brush just grabbed every one of them.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket (Waterproof) - This is another mascara that I am sad to be getting rid of, it is such a lovely mascara and will be one that I am repurchasing.

GOSH Prime n' Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll On - I didn't really find that this did anything for me I loved the delivery system with the massage type balls but it just didn't work for me.

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer - As you can see from the picture the bottle is still half full, the formula just turned really watery in consistency (alarm bells telling me that this needs to go)

Collection Primed & Ready Primer - I didn't like the feel of this primer as it did feel quite greasy once applied to the skin and the price as well for the amount of product wasn't that great either.

SEVENTEEN Fade Away Concealer - I liked this concealer, but it's been dossing in the back of my drawer for a while now and has seen some better days.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry - I love this top coat but once you get past the brush the product is just pointless and it becomes messy trying to get it out of the bottle.

Last but but not least is the Look Beauty Ooomph Lashes Mascara, it's not really finished I only just opened it a couple of days ago but when I did it was all dried out just like the Accessorize mascara, so this has put me off buying any mascaras from the Look Beauty range.

Thanks for tuning in