Sunday 24 August 2014

Sleek i-Divine Palette - Garden of Eden

Sleek really know their stuff when it comes to makeup palettes, they really seem to push boundaries when it comes to the colours that they add to the palettes.

This palette is one such concotion that allows the user to jump out of their comfort zone when it comes to colour. The Garden of Eden palette is based on the story of the Garden of Eden and features colours around that theme, so expect to see a lot of brown's and green's.

Top Row
The top row contains some gorgeous colours mostly metallic shimmers with the one matte shade on the edge. Forbidden is a great shade as it has flecks of gold in the shadow, and I love Eve's Kiss as this is such a lovely metallic pink shade. These shades are brilliant for during the day, whereas the bottom row I think is the colors where you can start to be creative.

Bottom Row
These shades are I think the ones where you can be more creative when it comes to the eyes. I will admit I have used this row once or twice when creating a smoky eye but I generally steer clear on a day to day basis. 
The shadows are all blendable and there are some gorgeous colours, out of this row I love fig, it is such an amazing colour and looks so pretty on the eyes.

This is a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, and Sleek know how to bring it with their palettes, this can be found at your local Boots or Superdrug.

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