Monday 30 June 2014

Brand Challenge: Bourjois

Welcome to my Brand Challenge, here I am going to create a look featuring just Bourjois products. I decided to create a natural daytime look with the products at hand. This post coincides with the J'Adore and Top 5 post regarding Bourjois.

To start of I used the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer, this came out of the bottle in a pink shade but applied to the skin it turned translucent. This primer didn't make my face feel too greasy and massaged into the skin very easily.

The next step was my base and due to the warm weather we have been having lately I decided to go with a light base and use the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream, this contains an SPF15 which is great for adding some protection to your face. The CC cream applied well to the skin and while it did cover it was only a light coverage.

For concealer I used the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye cream. this applies to the under eye very well (i apply using the applicator but then blend using my fingers), I really like this concealer as it does lighten up my under eye area.

Onto the powder, and I have to admit this was mainly bought for the packaging, it is the Bourjois Java Rice Powder. even though it is a loose powder the product contains a locking system as added protection from the powder going everywhere. This applies to the face really well and sets the makeup, it also adds a subtle sparkle to the skin (not like a disco ball before you start to worry)

Once powder had been applied I then applied some bronzer onto the cheeks, forehead and nose (just to give a bit of colour to the face), for this I added the Bourjois Delice Du Poudre in Medium. This applied well (I like to use a blusher brush as it seems to allow for more definition), and blended out very easily to create some colour on the face.

With the eyes I used Bourjois Little Round Eyeshadow pot in #10 glitter (this is a cream colour with glitter running through it) for the base and then applied #54 essential (a light chocolate brown colour) in the crease and on the outer corners of the eye.

For mascara I used Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume Mascara (waterproof) in black, this is one of the most recent launches from Bourjois and applied well the the lashes.

For the eyeliner I used a light application of Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal just on the waterline to define the eyes but only lightly.

On the lips I applied Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Rose Tweed, this was a nude pink colour that applied well and gave of a satin effect to the lips.

Here is the finished article, not too bad if I say so myself, I think I will have to do this look more often especially during the week.

I hope you liked the brand challenge as well as the previous 2 post regarding Bourjois.

Thanks for tuning in


Bourjois: Top 5

* Denotes free gift with purchase

Welcome to my Top 5 Bourjois products, this will link in with the previous post regarding the J'Adore Bourjois post.

So here is my Top 5:

Out of all the Bourjois foundations I have tried this is my ultimate favourite. It is a full coverage foundation so a tiny bit does go a long way, 1 pump on the back of your hand is enough.

At the moment I am down to the dregs of this bottle and will be popping out to buy a new bottle ready for when it does run out. Another little thing about this foundation is that it doesn't contain SPF, now I know you may think this is a bad thing but when you are on a night out and there are pictures being taken this stops any flashback happening.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara - Black*

I love a good mascara, and thanks to this little beauty my love of a large brush mascara came to pass.

The mascara applies to the lashes like a dream and there is no chance of fall out

Bourjois Java Rice Powder

This is a great powder for setting your makeup as well as adding some sparkle to your face.

This is a loose powder which comes out of the tub pink but applies clear onto the face. This is just such a lovely powder that applies well and smells lovely (if your not a fan of fragranced powders this might be one to stay away from)

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish - In The Navy

I love Doctor Who (yes I am a closet Sci-Fi nerd), and when The Doctor turned 50 last November I wanted a blue nail polish (a Doctor Who blue). I found that blue in Bourjois In The Navy.

The 1 Seconde nail polish applies beautifully and dries quickly as well so there is no muss and no fuss especially when applying to the dreaded right hand.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - 02 Frambourjoise

These have only just recently been released by Bourjois, their Rouge Edition Velvets. I took these on holiday with me and I wore this one, I will admit this was a step right out of my comfort zone as this applies on to the lips as a corally pink colour. Once I wore it for a while the colour really started to grow on me.

The formula of these are fantastic, they last for ages on the lips, and I bet if you left this on all night without reapplying it would still be there.

I hoped you like some of the products I have chosen, are there any Bourjois products that you would have included on the list?

Thanks for tuning in


J'Adore Bourjois

DISCLAIMER: I am not bragging about what I have, this series is an insight into some of the beauty brands that I love (J'Adore). I have bought all these products with my own money (some may have been free gift with purchase)

Welcome to the start of a series, every month I will post a brand round-up of some of my favourite beauty brands. This will then be followed up with my Top 5 from that brand and then the day after a brand challenge where I will create a makeup look using only that brands products.

The first brand that I am starting with is Bourjois, this brand came to life in 1863 Paris in the theatre district. The brand's first creator is actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin who created perfumes for the actors and actress of the theatre district of Paris. Ponsin entrusted the company to Alexandre-Napoleon Bourjois in 1868 who turned the brand into what we know today (Brand history from Bourjois)

As you can see my Bourjois collection has grown, this is because it is such a good brand that pushes boundaries when it comes to cosmetics, and they bring out some great products.


I love a good base and Bourjois bring them in spades whether it is as a foundation or as their most recent release their 123 Perfect CC Cream.

I love the Healthy Mix foundation it applies so well and because it is a full coverage foundation you only need a tiny amount.

I have an oily face so I need a setting powder, the one I had been coveting for the longest time was the Java Rice Powder that was released to coincide with Bourjois's 150th anniversary in the same packaging that it was first released in. I will admit I'm not a fan of loose powder and this was a fickle purchase based on packaging but you have to give it to Bourjois they know how to make their packaging appealing.

I've only just recently discovered the benefits of bronzer (I hear the gasp), and the Delice De Poudre was one every youtuber and beauty blogger has been raving about, and it looks like a chocolate bar so I thought I had to try it. It is such a lovely colour and it smells amazing (you will see this in action in my brand challenge post)


When it comes to Bourjois and eyes I always think of their Little Round Eyeshadow Pots, these I do love. They also have an intense range that are highly pigmented and give a stronger colour on the lids.
The original eyeshadow pots come with a mirror in the lid

Bourjois when it comes to mascara love to think about volume, and getting it quick, and with their most recent release of the 1 Seconde Volume mascara (I have the waterproof version) they are really upping their game.

Eyeliner is always a trial for me as I don't apply it to my top lids as it all goes a bit Pete Tong (wrong), so I mainly apply to the waterline and around the lower lash line. Bourjois's Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal with it's conical shape applies a really dark line, it would also be good for the upper lash line as it would allow for you to reach the inner corner a lot easier.


Bourjois's most recent release was the Rouge Edition Velvets, and my god are they good, they apply to the lips like a dream and turn matte and they stay on the lips for ages (it almost seems that you need an industrial strength makeup remover to get it off).

They also have their 3D effet lip gloss, which apply onto the lips really well, these are good if you just want a sheer gloss on the lips with a hint of colour, or even applied over a lipstick.

Before we had the Rouge Edition Velvets, their was the Rouge Edition lipstick, this is in Rose Tweed and is such a lovely nude-rose colour, these just apply so well onto the lips that you only need just one swipe over the lips.


Following on from the 1 Seconde range is the original product to the range, their 1 Seconde nail polish, which boasts one application only and dries in 60 seconds, these are some of my favourite nail polishes from the range, and I love In the Navy (keep an eye out for my top 5 Bourjois).

The polishes are so pigmented whether they are from the 1 Seconde range or the So Laque they apply to the nails so well and stay on for a while as well.

I hope you like this little series that I plan on doing monthly, what are you favourite products from Bourjois?. Keep an eye out for my top five coming soon.

Thanks for tuning in


Saturday 28 June 2014

Peach Melba - B.

When it feels like Summer is close to arriving the bright colours come out and this nail polish is no exception.

B. cosmetics can be located in Superdrug stores and it is a brand that I have only just started to dip my toe is (so to speak). This is their first nail polish that I tried and I will admit that I was a little impressed.

The colour is a gorgeous coral orange, and is very pigmented, on first application this went on like a dream (as you can see in the picture the brush is absolutely massive, the biggest nail polish brush that I have seen). On the first coat the nail polish was quite opaque, this did surprise me as I thought because of the colour it would be quite thin and I might be applying 4 coats of this. I did stick with the gospel 2 coats and the polish looked like a dream on the nails.

The brush doesn't leave any streaks and the formula is fantastic not too thin (that it becomes drippy), and not too thick (that it applies like a big massive wodge on your nail). The brush covers the whole nail so it is rare that you have to go back in more then once with the brush.

The bottle boasts that this nail polish is long wearing, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I had this polish on for 5-6 days and I didn't even notice any tip wear on my nails, and when I went in the shower only 3 nails out of 10 had chipped (that's like 30% if I want to be mathematical).

Overall a great polish, great colour, and a great formula (be sure to watch out for my June favourites because I can promise you this little beauty is going to find it's way on the list).

Thanks for tuning in


Friday 27 June 2014

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream - Light

This was the start of my first foray into BB Creams, while I was on holiday I wanted something that was going to give me light coverage but with some SPF and I stumbled up this BB Cream from Revlon.

The BB cream boast of 5 values.

1) Hydrates your skin like a moisturiser
2) Smoothes your skin like a primer
3) Covers your skin like a foundation
4) Blurs flaws
5) Protects the skin with SPF30

The BB cream when applied to the skin has a light coverage on the skin so brilliant for during the Spring/Summer.

The BB cream has a lot of boasts and I find that it does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak),it protects with SPF30 and adds a light coverage to the skin (which during the summer months is always a good thing).

I do like this BB Cream it protects my face, adds a light coverage, adds a bit extra hydration to my skin, and covers flaws well. Overall a good product that I would repurchase again.

Thanks for tuning


Thursday 26 June 2014

Collection Primed & Ready Primer

As you already know I like a good primer and I am always on the lookout for one that is going to make my makeup stay. This one I wasn't really impressed with as once you apply it it feels really watery and doesn't give me the confidence that my makeup is going to stay on as well as I'd like it to.

The primer states that it will minimise pores, smooth uneven skin and hide unsightly blemishes, I didn't think it help my foundation any as my pores were still visible and the foundation disappeared quickly from my problem areas (mainly around my nose and cheeks).

I wasn't that keen on the price of £5.99 as the primer is such a small package (18ml), for that price I do expect a tiny bit more as you can buy other primers for the same price and you do get more then 18ml so that did put me off .

Overall a product that I din't like as much as I thought I would and I wouldn't repurchase this again as there are other primers that work just as well and for a cheaper price then this.

Thanks for tuning in


Wednesday 25 June 2014

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Sticks

As you already know I love eyeshadow pencils as they are brilliant to take out and about as you don't need to worry about applying them with a brush.

From the ScandalEyes collection come these the ScandalEyes Shadow Sticks, these come in a range of colours and I have four here to show you

Bootleg Brown
Bootleg Brown is a very dark brown that could be used in the lower lash line to define the eyes as an eyeliner.

Trespassing Taupe
This is my favourite out of the four, this is a lovely light shade that is great for using in a natural look during the day (you could easily try adding one of the darker colours to the crease and blending together to go from day to night)

This is a metallic taupe shade and looks fantastic on the lids especially as part of a night time look or even during the day as it is not to in your face with the colour.

Bad Girl Bronze
This is a lovely metallic bronze colour that applies really well to the lids and looks great or a night time look.

All these shadows blend really well and even blend well together (I use my finger to blend the shadow out), this helps when wanting to create a smokey eye look when your just wanting to be a little lazy.

These shadows are also waterproof so great for taking to the beach with you, or if you suddenly get caught in a downpour (this is always a good thing), and they can be used on the bottom lash line if you want to carry the shadow down under the eye.

Overall these are some great eyeshadow pencils and I can't wait to add some more to my collection as they are just so easy to apply to the eyes.

Thanks for tuning in


Tuesday 24 June 2014

Deepest Purple - M.U.A.

I love my nail polish (I think you can tell by the amount of nail polish based posts on here), I loved this colour from MUA. The swatch above really does not do it justice, the polish is a dark plum creme.

The polish on the first coat is streaky (this is mainly in part due to the size of the brush), the second coat takes away the streakiness of the first.

This is a great colour for autumn when the dark nights start rolling in and the darker seasonal colours start coming in.

Thanks for tuning in


Monday 23 June 2014

Miss Sporty Studio Colour Mono Eyeshadows

I have to admit I haven't got much from the Miss Sporty range (as a beauty blogger who needs to try out things this is a tiny sin). I haven't really been impressed with the packaging it's a bit tween for me, there are a few that aren't too bad, anyway on with the review.

This is a lovely gold colour very pigmented and applies well to the lid good as a base when creating a smokey eye look

I have to admit that this is my favourite of the three, it's such a lovely brown shimmer shade, I did try this in the crease but it just came up too light to define my eyes. As you can see it is pigmented so not much is needed if you are using it as a base (this would work with a darker brown shade).

This is my least favourite of the three it's not that pigmented (as you can see on the swatch) so you end up packing a lot onto the lids to actually look like you have any colour there. If you are going to create a smokey eye it might be good for the inner or outer corners as a highligher but anything else and your gonna be at it a while.

I like the eyeshadows but they are really finely milled, I just use my brush and I'll have loads of product collecting in the ridges of the eyeshadow (this can be a pain). The bumps, although they look pleasing and different they can be a hindrance to picking up any of the shadow.

I don't think I would sample any more of these shadows, although they are nice enough the design on the shadow is a pain, and you loose a lot of product which once on the brush can lead to fallout.

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 22 June 2014

Fantasy Fire - MaxFactor

While I was in Superdrug this nail polish caught my eye, it's a lovely duochrome. The base colour is purple with flecks of red when the light hits it.

The polish applied to the nails well but even after 2 coats it was still somewhat sheer (as you can see in the picture above), when applying this polish it really does need to have a base colour underneath.

This polish has the potential of being quite time cosuming (black/white bottom coat, then 2 coats of this), and if like me there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything especially after being at work all day you just don't have the time.

Don't get me wrong I do like the effect of the polish, when the light hits it the polish turns red. If I do have the time I would wear this but I would put a base coat on just to make the polish opaque (otherwise you're going to need 4-5 coats of this stuff).

Thanks for tuning in


Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner

When you think of gel eyeliner you think of a small pot and an eyeliner brush (well I do anyway), it is a fact well known that I can not apply eyeliner to my upper lids it is a physical impossibility for me, so even entertaining the thought of gel eyeliner was a no no. So when I saw that Avoon had bought out a gel eyeliner in pencil form that was me putting it down on the order form to try out.

The eyeliner is so easy to apply and it is long lasting, it sticks and with it being waterproof that is what I am after, an eyeliner that sticks around a while.

I find that this doesn't need warming up before I apply it, it just goes straight on, the colour is fantastic (yes I know it's black) but it doesn't look too overpowering around the eyes.

Overall a great eyeliner that does last and one of my favourites.

Thanks for tuning in


Friday 20 June 2014

N.Y.C. Quattro Eyeshadow - Best of Broadway

I saw this a while ago in my local Superdrug and decided to pick it up to experiment with a smokey eye

There are a couple of different types of quads in the quattro eyeshadow range, and for a day to day look I thought the Best of Broadway would be the best one to test out.

Now when I was researching the specifics of this palette for the post I read that there was an instruction guide, well I pulled out the palette and looked on the back. There was the ingredient list and the little arrow telling you to open it up. If you are going to put instructions on something make it a lot simpler to find, trying to get into that thing was a pain in the bum.

As there are no names with the shades I have numbered them 1 - 4:

Shade 1
This is a dark black matte shade which is a great crease colour to outline the eyes or even in the outer corners and under the lower lash line.

Shade 2
This is a lovely dark red shimmer colour and again great for in the crease to define the eye.

Shade 3
This is a lovely champagne colour which is great as a base for the lids

Shade 4
This is the lightest of the shades and great for highlighting the inner corners of the eye when creating the smokey eye look that the palette recommends.

All the colours in the quad are quite pigmented (as seen in the swatches), they apply to the lids really well and blend really easily as well.

Overall a great palette to us for a smokey eye or if you just want to use one o the eyeshadows only, also as it is compact it is great to take away on holiday as it will fit into a small makeup bag.

This can be found on Superdrug website here and at £2.99 it is quite inexpensive.

Thanks for tuning in


Thursday 19 June 2014

Pacific - Barry M

This is from the most recent Barry M range, the aquarium range. The range consists of 6 polishes, 4 duochromes and 2 glitters (I've only got the duochromes at the moment). This is the blue duochrome that turns green in certain light.

The polish applies streaky on the first swipe due to the size of the brush (it is quite thin), but once the second coat is applied it goes opaque. Now this did surprise me as I thought that this might need a base coat being a duochrome, but the polish was really pigmented.

The polish lasted really well on the nails I had it on for 5 days and it started to chip around the fourth day while tip wear started on the third, so it did last quite well.

The colour looks fantastic and such a great one for summer, I love how it goes to a light green when the light hits it.

Have you tried the Aquarium collection yet? If so what is your favourite from the collection?

Thanks for tuning in


Tuesday 17 June 2014

I LOVE...Raspberry & Blackberry Body Polish

My partner bought me some of this range for Christmas, so while I was in my local Superdrug I decided to pick up the body polish.

I have to admit I wasn't really a big big fan of this, I loved the smell of the polish, but it was just its exfoliating properties I felt let down with. When applying to the skin the polish felt like it wasn't actually exfoliating my skin but just tickling it so to speak, and I have been spoilt by Lush's Rub Rub Rub as that is what I expect a body scrub to do.

The smell is gorgeous, you can really smell the raspberries, but the viscosity is very strange, it is a thick gloopy liquid that once applied to the skin lathers up. The gel contains raspberry seeds which helps exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin cells.

Not one of my favourite body scrubs, and I won't buy it again, but if you do like your body scrub to be softer this one may just be for you.

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 15 June 2014

Boots Essential Cucumber Eye Gel

I had tried various things for under my eyes to remove puffiness and brighten my eyes up, so when I saw this in Boots and for £1.50 it was quite inexpensive.

Now I will admit I am the laziest person on the planet, especially when it comes to my skincare routine, I don't want too many steps otherwise just won't get into the habit of using it.

I'm not the biggest fan of this, I've been using it for quite awhile and I haven't really noticed any difference to be honest my eyes are still as puffy even though the gel is quite cooling when applied to the under eye area and I haven't really noticed them being any brighter. My under eye area must need an industrial strength gel to remove my bags.

For £1.50 it's a  thing of nothing ventured, nothing gained and for £1.50 it hasn't broken the bank. I won't repurchase again but I wil have a look at alternative products and see how the handle.

Thanks for tuning in


Friday 13 June 2014

Avon Ideal Flawless CC Corrector Cream

I ordered this from Avon ready for the summer, and the distant hope that the British summertime does show up with lashings of sun.

I will admit I am late to the game when it comes to the whole CC cream (means colour corrector doesn't it?), but better late then never.

This is a great Spring/ Summer base as it is very lightweight on the skin (it also has SPF50, always a good thing during the sunnier days). Coverage on the skin is light so be warned if you are expecting a stronger coverage. The cream comes in 6 shades, I chose Shell as the lightest look to light for me and shell just looked like the right colour for my skin tone.

I do like this CC cream it worked really well and I did notice that it did help reduce the red patches of skin a bit, when I bought the cream I did manage to get it on the introductory price which I think was £6 (this retails on the Avon website for £12 and can be found here). I wouldn't pay full price for the product and I would wait for it to be offer before repurchasing, as I would only use this during the Spring/ Summer months.

Thanks for tuning in


Thursday 12 June 2014

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara - Blackest Black with Fibres

I love Barry M, especially their nail polish, so when I realised that they had a mascara I though I've got to try this, and here it is.

Lash Vegas with fibres has a spiral shaped brush which is supposed to stop lashes from clumping by separating them. This is the edition that contains fibres which they state will stop the mascara from clumping on the lashes (if the brush is supposed to do that why the fibres now hmmm?)

I will admit I am on the fence with this one, when you pull the brush out it is full of excess product (which you know is my pet peeve with a mascara as it always leads to clumping). The mascara does separate my lashes but I've not really noticed any great length definition in my lashes.

Overall not a mascara I would try again (it really needs to pull something out of the bag between now and expiry), and there are a lot more that still need to be tried out. So this may just end up being one that stays in my current everyday makeup but ends up at the back of the drawer.

Thanks for tuning in


Wednesday 11 June 2014

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

I saw this on Boots website and when I read the description that it is a moisturiser and a primer all in one I thought fantastic, this I have to try. It comes in 2 types, normal/combination, and dry/ sensitive, I have the normal/ combination skin type.

I have to admit this surprised me from the start, it's a lovely moisturiser, when applied to the skin it is very cooling so helps to depuff the face, it also does add some moisture back into the skin to keep it from drying. It's a gel texture so it disappears into the skin really easily and doesn't feel like it is clogging up your pores. I apply this instead of my normal moisturiser (so I'm not adding too many moisturising products to my face in one go).

As a primer this works it keeps my makeup on round my problem areas (nose and cheeks) really well, and you don't need to put too much on as a little goes a long way, and because it is also a moisturiser it helps cover any dry patches when applying foundation.

Overall a good primer and moisturiser and one I would purchase again, this can be found on the Boots website here, and the Superdrug website here.

Thanks for tuning in


Tuesday 10 June 2014

GOSH Forever Eyeshadow

These are a new release from GOSH, their Forever Eyeshadow Sticks. These come in a range of 8 colours, and at the moment I have 3:

  • Silver Rose
  • Light Copper
  • Plum

Silver Rose (Superdrug Website)
This is a lovely silvery pink colour that applies well the the lids, this colour would be suitable for during the day

Light Copper (Superdrug Website)
A lovely metallic copper tone this is a great eyeshadow for an intense night time look.

Plum (Superdrug Website)
This is supposed to be a purpley shade but looks more of a metallic grey to me, good for a night time look and to outline the bottom lashes.

I have found with these eyeshadows that you don't need to apply too much onto the lid. I applied a stripe just above my top lashes and then blended the shadow out with my finger, it add a nice effect to the eyes and wasn't too intense for during the day.

The eyeshadows can also be used as liner on the bottom lashes (I would advise against using them in the waterline due to the amount of glitter that is in them)

I took these eyeshadows with me to the beach as they are waterproof, I did find that I needed to use an eye primer with them or they would start to crease after a couple of hours. When I did eventually get wet in the massive downpour that hit Skegness that week the eyeshadow was still intact (that is always a good thing especially in torrential rain).

I did like these shadows they are easy to apply, as well as blend. I will admit that I would only use these on a night out as they seem to be more suited to nights out on the town rather then days at work.

The eyeshadows retail for £5.99 at Superdrug and can be found on their website (the colours are linked to their relevant pages).

Thanks for tuning in


Monday 9 June 2014

Cornflower Gleam - Models Own

This is from the HyperGel range that Models Own bought out at the end of last year. This is a lovely light blue colour (maybe a baby blue), great for Spring/ Summer.

This applies the the nails really well, and there weren't too many mistakes on the dreaded right hand. The polish isn't too gloopy or runny when applied so your not having to take a load off of the brush.

 I found myself really surprised by this polish I had it on for about 5-6 days and if I hadn't of taken it off I think it would have lasted a lot, lot longer (this is always a good thing).

I really love this nail polish, and I can't wait to try more in the range.

Thanks for tuning in


Sunday 8 June 2014

Maybelline SuperStay Concealer - Light

This was a recent launch from Maybelline, their Super Stay Better Skin range (which also includes the foundation, which shall be reviewed at a later date)

The applicator is the plastic kind that you see in lip gloss tubes (this is good as it is hygienic and no chance of bacteria being on the applicator). I apply this onto the skin by applying some onto my finger (this allows for more precision).

I have to admit I do like this concealer, it applies to the skin really well and blends really easily. I have found that it has really good staying power (I am looking forward to trying out the foundation).

I would repurchase this concealer again as it does do a really good job, the packaging is small so it fits into my makeup bag brilliantly without taking up too much space.

Thanks for tuning in


Saturday 7 June 2014

2True WOW Waterproof Mascara - Black

I bought this mascara as I had heard that it was a really good waterproof mascara, that really wouldn't budge (for the beach this is a must).

It applied to the lashes well but even though it stayed put in wet weather after 2-3 hours I would have panda eyes (this really wasn't a good look), I tried to persevere with the mascara to see if the black rim under my eyes was just a one off but it kept happening, this mascara just did not do it for me, and it will be one that I won't be using again.

Thanks for tuning in


May Empties

Welcome to my May Empties:

 First of all I will start with haircare:

Style Essentials Anti-Frizz Serum
I really love this serum, it stops my hair from frizzing up after I've washed it and you only need a small amount to work it into the hair. I have already repurchased a new bottle.

Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo
This is a brilliant shampoo, it really removes any buildup in my hair from the week to leave it really clean and fresh, and I already have a new bottle ready to go.

Vosene 2-in-1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo
When it comes to a shampoo I am picky especially as I do suffer from the dreaded dandruff, I have tried god only knows how many anti-dandruff shampoo's but this one really does work, it smells lovely and comes in under £2 so it is really inexpensive.

Boots Double Sided Round Cotton Wool
I love this cotton wool as it is really soft on my face and not to rough.

Superdrug Baby Wipes
I always keep a packet of baby wipes on my vanity incase of any spillages or to wipe my hands of any excess product.

Superdrug Oval Cotton Wool
I love this cotton wool so that I can clean my brushes, the cotton wool is quite rough on the skin but works really well on my brushes.

Superdrug Face Wipes
I don't use these every day just if I have a late night and am too tired to go through my evening routine, they are just a back up.

Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub
I love this body scrub, it really does exfoliate my skin brilliantly. I haven't bought another tub yet as I have a load of body scrubs to get through at the moment.

Dove Original Deodorant
I love this deodorant, I keep the compressed version in my bag so I can always top up while I am out and about

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets
As you know I have oily skin, and these are fabulous for helping to combat it during the day but also helping to keep my makeup in place.

No7 Brush Cleanser
As you know I love this cleanser so once I start to get low I make sure I have a back up ready (my back up is currently going low so time for a trip to Boots).

Nivea Daily Cleansing Wipes
I really like these wipes as they come in a big pack for under £3 from my local Home Bargains store, as I said with the Superdrug ones, these are just if I have a late night and am too tired to go through my evening routine.

Superdrug Cotton Wool Buds
I use these all the time for cleaning up any nail polish mistakes when painting my nails, as they fit round the nail brilliantly.

Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara
I was using this mascara as a way to stop my lashes from drying out when I applied mascara. This worked really well and I will repurchase in the future as it was inexpensive for £1.99.

Natural Collection WaterGuard Mascara - Black
A really good waterproof mascara that didn't flake on me and very inexpensive as well at just £1.99. I would repurchase this again.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara - Black
I really love this mascara so am sorry to see it go, I will repurchase this again but once my mascara collection has gone down a bit more

N.Y.C. Showtime Mascara - Black
This was a really good mascara, because the brush was small I was able to get into all the hard to reach places. I would repurchase this again but as I said with the max holidays mascara I will wait until the collection has gone down.

Thanks for tuning in


May Favourites

Welcome to my May Favourites, I know it's a tiny bit late and I am behind on my posts but I am getting back on track so bear with me)

Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Acai Berry
I have re-found my love for this lip balm, it smells gorgeous and just reminds me of Spring/Summer.

N.Y.C. Big Bold Bronzer - ManhatTan
I'm a newbie when it comes to bronzer so I thought this spring/ summer I was going to try out some bronzers and see what all the fuss is about.

The Body Shop Raspberry Eau De Toilette
When I heard The Body Shop were releasing a Raspberry range I was over the moon, I love the scent of raspberries, so I had to get the perfume when it was released. The perfume smells lovely really fruity and such a great one for Spring/Summer.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - Framboise
This particular colour wasn't on my wishlist but when I saw it in store I thought it looked like a really nice color. Once added to my lips the colour was a lot brighter then I expected but I will admit this was a really nice colour on my lips and it stayed on for ages.

Rimmel ScandalEyes: Rockin Curves Mascara
This was a launch from Rimmel last year as part of their ScandalEyes range, this comes with a broken heart shaped brush. The thin point of the brush gets into the corners of my eye and the shape allows for the brush to grab every lash, and there is no fallout from the mascara during the day.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
I am in love with this powder (as you can see in the picture above I have hit pan), when applied to the skin it doesn't oxidise so it stays translucent on the skin and really keeps my make up in place.

NYC Showtime Mascara
This I have had for a while and rediscovered my love for it (as soon as I do that it's then time to throw it out DOH!!). The brush is quite small so it does get into all the hard to reach places

Hawaiian Tropics Lip Gloss - Island Berry
This was part of a buy one get one free offer when I bought the Hawaiian Tropics face cream, when applied to the lips the lip gloss is very sheer with no colour on the lips, but  the smell of the lip gloss is fantastic, it smells really fruity and really summery.

I hope you liked my favourites this month.

Thanks for tuning in