Tuesday 29 August 2017

ELF Lip Exfoliator (Clear)

My lips have to be the worst lips in history, they get so dry and then wearing lipstick becomes an impossibility due to the fact that it just looks like a complete mess on my lips. Anything that is going to help my lips I'm up for so when I noticed this lip scrub on the ELF stand, that was it, it was coming with me.

The scrub is contained in lipstick packaging and once opened just twists up like a normal lip stick, you then spread it around your lips to scrub away the dead skin and then rinse the product off. Once this is done I normally put an intensive lip balm on (Blistex Intensive Moisturiser), and really slather it on. I mainly do this step on an evening.

I really like this lip scrub, and I find it does a great job on removing all the dead skin from my lips, and leaving them feeling so smooth, as well as removing all the dry skin.

I thought the price of this wasn't too bad at £4.50 it was a lot cheaper then what The Body Shop offer in stick format and it did exactly the same thing.

Would I repurchase this again, yes I would, and I found that this also comes in a cherry, grapefruit, rose, coconut, and a mint option, which I'm not sure I would like as the clear doesn't leave any scent on the lips.

This can be found at your local SUPERDRUG or online at the ELF website HERE.

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