Friday 25 August 2017

#FaceMaskFriday: Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask 10ml

I've not tried a peel off mask (too many YouTube videos of people pulling masks like these off and losing about 10% of their skin with it).

I am more used to a clay mask, so there is more product to deal with but this was more like a gel type mask when I poured it out of the packet.

The smell of the manuka honey was quite strong, but it did smell really lovely, it didn't bother me that much, but if you can't handle strong scents this might be one to stay away from.

There was quite a lot of product in the packet and you really could have got 2 masks out of one pack, as the areas that had the highest concentration of the product took a lot longer then the 25 minutes to dry (I ended up doing 35, and some of it was still a bit gooey).

I found that when I first applied this to the skin it did create a tingling sensation, but this only lasted a minute or so.

Once I was able to peel the mask off, (and wipe my face of any excess that had been left behind),  it did feel that it had tightened my skin up, and it was really easy to peel off and didn't take the top layer of skin away with it (which is always a plus).

I will offer a word of warning, make sure that all hair is out of your face, because it is a b***h to try and pick out of your hair (this also means do not cover your eyebrows with this mask).

I am going to apologise for the bad face pick on my right, my skin is not happy at the moment (I don't know who spoke of a pregnancy glow but an acne glow is happening ALL OVER).

Overall I did like this mask, but it would only be good once a week as the smell is really overpowering, I would recommend using a bowl and a face mask brush to apply this (I had one from Wilko ages ago when they were doing the Wilko Fruits face masks), these should be easy to find on Amazon or even EBay.

I would repurchase this face mask again and I found it to be very inexpensive at £1 (I picked mine up at my local Boots, but if you have a Bodycare local they were selling these for 89p, hey a bargain is a bargain).

These can be found in your local BOOTS, or your local WILKINSONS store.

Thanks for tuning in

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