Friday 11 August 2017

#FaceMaskFriday: Montagnue Jeunnusse Mud Pack Anti-Stress*

I know you are all probably sick of hearing it but I can get quite hormonal (which my other half can agree with), so anything that is going to help me de-stress is always a good thing.

I received these last Christmas and they have just been resting in my bathroom (and now I know why)

I found that this was easy to apply by hand (next time I will use a bowl and brush), and there was quite a lot of product in the packet (you could have easily got a second mask out of this).

Once applied I left this on for the recommended 15mins, and could smell a hint of Lavender while I was waiting for the mask to dry (when I went back to read the ingredients it does contain Lavender oil. I did feel quite relaxed during the 15min wait time, and once the waiting was over the mask was really easy to wipe off the face, and my skin just loved this mask it was so soft and just felt lovely.

I will repurchase this again (I think this goes under the name Dead Sea Mud Mask which can be found at your local Boots or Wilko), it was absolutely brilliant and just did wonders for my skin.

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