Saturday 12 August 2017

Pump It Up Dry Shower Body Wash

You can get dry shampoo and now there is a dry shower body wash, when I heard about this I was all over it, (you may have noticed I decanted some in my travel toilettries bag to freshen up after travelling).

Now this does sound like such a weird product but if you've been travelling and don't have enough time to jump in the shower this does just for a quick freshen up (you will have noticed that I decanted this and brought it with me on holiday).

The dry body wash is liquid in the bottle but comes out as a foam once it is pumped onto the hand, this once applied to the skin is absorbed really quickly.

The dry body wash comes in three scents, Raspberry (which I have), Mandarin, and Cucumber (good for the male in your life for their gym bag). You get 150ml in the bottle and this retails for £3.00. This has currently lasted me ages so the price isn't too bad.

I will admit that the raspberry scent is quite clinical, you get the hint of raspberry but that is about it then is just smells really clinical after that, I will admit that this does put me off repurchasing this but it is good if you need a quick freshen up from travelling, or even after sports.

Would I repurchase this again, as mentioned above I am still on the fence, it does work well but not a massive fan of the scent.

This retails for £3.00 and can be found in your local Boots.

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