Monday 21 August 2017

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Gel

I've said this before when I posted about the Hand Maid sanitizer from Soap & Glory, that it is very strange to be shout my love of hand sanitiser (but it's happening). Soap & Glory released a companion for Hand Maid with Sugar Crush. Now I have to say I was over the moon about this as I love the sugar crush scent.

The hand sanitiser is easy to use on the go (I have one on my desk at work, 1 in my handbag, etc., etc.), I will admit I am one of those snobs that will not touch the taps in public loos, some people are just disgusting when it comes to hygiene, or just using a public loo (please don't get me started, I could be here all night).

The hand sanitiser like the rest of the sugar crush range contains the scent of sweet vanilla and lime, and just smells fantastic, it does smell very sweet so if you're not a fan of this type of scent then this might not be up your street.

So to have a hand sanitiser with a great scent that lasts ages on the hands is fantastic, and I will admit it is a tad expensive for what it is (£2.50 in Boots currently and can be found online HERE), but it's worth it, they last ages, and they are the only hand sanitisers that I will buy.

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