Saturday 3 January 2015

Empties (Bumper Edition)

As I said in my New Year's post this is the bumper edition of my empties (I have been keeping them from August onwards, time to get rid and quick methinks!)

So let's start with Makeup, it is surprising how much makeup I used up during that 5 month period.

MUA Matte Perfect Primer
This was an OK primer, applied well and wasn't too gunky on the skin, don't think I would repurchase this again.

Avon Makeup Setting Spray
I really liked this setting spray, it had no funny smell to it, sprayed really evenly onto the face and did help to keep my makeup in place (Already repurchased)

KIKO Fixing Makeup Mist
I found this to be quite an odd little spray it did help to keep my makeup in place but it didn't feel like anything was coming out (full review will be forthcoming).

ELF Mineral Face Primer - Green
I loved this primer, it worked really well with my skin by dampening down the redness and hid pores, I would repurchase this primer again (a full review will be forthcoming)

Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer
I liked this primer, it was light on the skin and didn't leave any greasiness behind once applied, I would repurchase this again.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
This is one of my favourite foundations, full coverage (so not much is actually needed), and covered everything perfectly. The colour match was brilliant not too dark or orange, just right, I will repurchase this in the future but I have bought myself the gel version to see if there is any difference (comparison post might be forthcoming)

Barry M Matte Foundation
Now this was the first foundation release from Barry M, and I persevered with this but it just did not float my boat I found that it was light coverage and not really buildable on the skin, this foundation and I just did not see eye to eye with each other.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
This was another primer that I loved, it worked so well on the skin and just kept my face from going too oily during the day, I would repurchase this primer again.

Beauty UK Primer
This was a good primer, unsure if I would purchase again as it did feel greasy on the skin when applied and it just didn't feel like the foundation had anything to grip onto.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Now this is the biggie, everyone and their dog was raving about this product and I can see why, this powder just went onto the skin so well and didn't make my foundation look cakey. It also kept everything in place and not halfway down my face.

Avon Lid Primer
As you already know I love this stuff it keeps my eyeshadow from creasing and is just fantastic, another one is in my drawer ready to be used when my others run out

Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume Waterproof Mascara
This was a big release last year from Bourjois, their 1 Seconde volume mascara, I managed to fight everyone to get the waterproof version (it was handbags at dawn I can tell you), now after the hassle of trying to get this mascara was it worth the trouble, boy was it. The mascara works really well adding lift and volume to the lashes and just stayed in place (this was tested at Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach water rides). I would repurchase again when my mascara collection starts to become a bit more sparse.

Bourjois Blackjack Mascara
This was a good mascara, I used this for when I went out as it wasn't specifically waterproof but it did say it was sweat proof (can a mascara be sweat proof, is that even possible?). It was good and lasted, I didn't find any dreaded panda eyes by the end of the night so I think it worked.

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara
This was another good mascara, it created lift and applied well, I'm not sure I would repurchase again as it didn't really have anything special to it.

Avon Infinitize Mascara
This mascara was really the good, the reason was the brush, it was 3 balls with spikes and also curved to fit to your lashes, add this in with the formula of the mascara and good times were had. The brush gave so much volume it was scary. I will admit it did take a while to get used to the brush as it was quite unique but once I did it worked really well on my lashes.

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara
This mascara was quite ingenious with the bigger brush for the upper lashes and the smaller brush for the lower lashes. I really did like this mascara mainly for the smaller brush as I find it impossible to get the mascara wand on my lower lashes (and I don't really use mascara on my lower lashes for fear of smudging), but the brush worked wonders. As it was so small it manged to get the lower lashes without clumping or smudging. I would repurchase this mascara again.

Rimmel ScandalEyes: Rockin' Curves Mascara
I thought this was a good mascara and the brush just added to it with it's unique broken heart shape, it allowed for me to get into the corners and just added such great lift to my lashes, I would repurchase this again but I am currently using the Rimmel Kate mascara at the moment.

SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Pressed Powder
I liked this powder but I did find it could go a bit orange when it oxidised (not the greatest of things), this was the only problem I had with the powder, and I don't think I would buy this again.

The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Balm
I love this lip balm, but I am gutted as I think The Body Shop have discontinued the range (which if they have I am not impressed with!!). This smells absolutely fantastic and feels so good on the lips, will have to try and repurchase this again if I can.

Avon Advance Techniques
I bought this as it said it had 7 things that the product did, and the main reasons I bought it for was the breakage and frizz. It did help combat the hair breakage (when I was in the shower I did notice that there was less hair then normal), I don't think it combated the frizz that well but I would repurchase it just to help with the hair breakage.

Dove Dry Shampoo
When this dry shampoo came out everyone was raving about it, now don't get me wrong I did like it but I don't think it did anything more than batiste does.

Vosene 2in1 Shampoo
I love this shampoo, my hair does suffer from dandruff (eew) and I have tried everything to combat this and they just haven't worked, so I was in Boots and came across this little gem. It is a 2in1 and once applied to the hair you leave it in for a minute and then wash out, and I have to admit this was a corker, I noticed less dandruff in my hair between washes and it left my hair just feeling fresh and clean. I have repurchased this already but have the original version as I couldn't find this anywhere.

Head and Shoulders Lemon Conditioner
As I said above I am currently using the original vosene shampoo and had this head and shoulders conditioner laying around so I thought once I used the vosene just add this onto my hair just to condition it, and it is quite a good conditioner and because it is head and shoulders it backs up the vosene for keeping the dreaded dandruff at bay.

Frizz-Ease Hairspray
I bought this small version for when I travelled on holiday, but just ended up using it when I straightened my hair. I will admit I didn't really notice anything special with this hairspray, it kept my hair in place and did it's job.

Tresemme Hairspray
Same as with the Frizz-Ease I bought this small version for travelling but again ended up using it anyway, again it did it's job by keeping my hair in place.

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel
Now I am reasonably sure that The Body Shop do not have the Passion Fruit range (or they may just bring it out for the sales in January). I loved this shower gel, and found that only a small amount was needed so it did end up lasting ages. If I found this I would buy it again as the scent just filled up the bathroom with the smell of passion fruit.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
This I mainly use for cleaning my brushes as it is soft on them and not too harsh when putting them on my face. I would repurchase this again but I am currently using Dr Bronner's Lavender shampoo at the moment (review of Dr Bronner's will be forthcoming)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
What can I say about this that hasn't already been said, this is a great micellar water, not harsh on the skin and removes all makeup even waterproof mascara which is always a good thing. I would repurchase this again but I am currently working my way through 1 1/2 bottles of Bioderma.

Bioderma Sebium
Now all the beauty bloggers rave about Bioderma, but if you notice in the above picture my bottle is green and a lot of the bottles you will see are pink. This is because my bottle helps oily/ combination skin. I love this cleanser and I will definitely be repurchasing again. I will admit that I paid £10 from John Croyden and Bell when I was in London in July but I do know that you can buy this online (I'm heading to Amazon later for the 2 pack of 500mls Good Times). A full review of Bioderma will again be forthcoming.

The Body Shop Seaweed Moisturiser
I love this facial moisturiser, it has an SPF of 15 in which is great for a morning as I can put a foundation on that doesn't have an SPF and know that my face has some protection from the sun. With this moisturiser you don't need to apply a load as a little bit goes a long way, once applied the moisturiser just sinks right into the skin and dries very quickly. I would repurchase this again (you will probably see it in my forthcoming Meadowhall Haul entitled Meadow-Haul - snazzy)

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub.
I loved this scrub it's a sugar scrub so when I applied it I felt that it was actually scrubbing away at the dead skin rather then just lathering up. What I will complain about is that because the scrub is brown it left brown marks on body puffs when washing it off (not a nice look on a white body puff), I would repurchase again but if they are discontinuing the range I need to get in quick as they will have it on sale.

Thanks for sticking with this post I know it was a long one but we both got there in the end (my wrists are just coming out of being locked in place) . Are there any of the above products that you liked or even hated.

Thanks for tuning in


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