Thursday 15 January 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets

When these came onto the market last year they caused mass hysteria (that actually might just have been me - oopsie), and I just had to have some in my collection.

These were originally released as six shades which were then increased to nine, I have seven of the shades here to show you (the only ones I don't have are Pink Pong, and Ole Flamingo - this is down to choice, I don't think I can get away with Pink).

The first shade to be swatched is Personne ne Rouge!
Personne Ne Rouge!
This to me is a red with orange undertones, great for everyday and just looks great when applied.

I find this to be a red with pink undertones, this again applies well to the lips and is just great for an everyday look.

Hot Pepper
This is a bright red colour, what I would call a true red, this looks fantastic when applied to lips especially when after a bold red lip.

Peach Club
This was one of the first shades I actually bought, it is a muted orange colour (not too bright and not too dark), It is a great all around shade and one of my favourites from the shade range.

This is a lovely nude colour, but it looks more orangey then nude. This looks great on and is a good colour to apply if you are wanting to create a really smokey eye look as it is a mild colour on the lips and will not detract from the eyes.

Grand Cru
This is a lovely dark red colour, and was one of my favourites, but if you have very dry lips it can become quite patchy (as you can see in the lip swatch above) - I am quite disappointed it has turned out that way.

Happy Nude Year
This is one of the newest shades in the range, and reminds me of Nude-ist to be honest, there isn't really much in it.

I hope you like the post, and what is your favourite shade in the range? Mine would have to be Happy Nude Year and Hot Pepper. They are great colours and just look great on lips.

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