Wednesday 21 January 2015

SEVENTEEN On The Spot Concealer

I previously used the SEVENTEEN on the spot foundation and it was quite a good foundation, applied well the only problem was I needed a lighter shade (which I actually found in the store after I posted the blog post).

The shade I grabbed was Medium (I never use the same concealer under my eyes, lighter goes under my eyes to brighten them and a slightly darker shade on blemishes, the reason is you don't want to brighten up your blemishes do you).

This applies to the skin really well (I apply it to the back of my hand then apply using a concealer brush, and then buffing in with my finger). I will admit I did notice that it did help clear those pesky spots, but this did need a lot of blending, I think I might have been best of getting a lighter shade rather then medium.

Overall the concealer was good and I would repurchase this again but I think I would choose the lighter shade rather then the medium.

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