Tuesday 6 January 2015


DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to brag, I am just showing some of the items I recently bought on a trip to Meadowhall, and which may feature on the blog in the future.
Products with a * means they were a free gift.

Welcome to a haul post, on Monday I went to Meadowhall for a shopping trip (come on who doesn't love shopping).

I tried to keep the makeup items to a minimum as I got a mass amount of makeup in my stocking this year, so I will spend most of my time working through that (bug trying to keep something to a minimum never does sometimes work out).

The first stop for me at Meadowhall was the Models Own Bottleshop

As you can see from the photos I was spoilt for choice (I was gutted that I couldn't get my hands on Obsidian from the Velvet Goth range as it looks like it is being discontinued).

In the Models Own bottleshops till January 18th, 2015 they have a sale on (We got 5 items for £15 rather then the £20), this meant that some serious spending was going to happen.

Models Own Nude Palette
I tried their eyeshadows years ago when these were readily available in Boots stores (trying to find a Models Own stand with an eyeshadow or mascara is like finding a needle in a haystack), so when I saw a nude palette I just had to grab it.

Models Own Scented Nail Polish - Coconut Cream
I have 2 other polishes from this range, and I have tried the Banana Split polish which smelt nice so I thought I would grab Coconut Cream, This is a just off white colour and looks quite cool in the bottle.

Models Own Scented Nail Polish - Apple Pie
As said above I have already tried Banana Split and thought I would also pick up Apple Pie, this is a lovely pastel green colour and would look great in the Spring.

Models Own HyperGel Top Coat
I previously wore Cornflower Gleam from the HyperGel range and I was really surprised with how long it lasted so I wanted to grab the HyperGel top coat for a while to see what it was like.

Models Own Sweet Shop Scented Nail Polish - Pear Drops
I have seen the Sweet Shop range around for a while and just never got round to purchasing any so while I was at the bottleshop I thought I would grab some from the range. Pear drops is a reddish pink colour with glitter running through it, a really nice colour for Spring/ Summer.

Models Own Sweet Shop Scented Nail Polish - Fizzy Cola Bottles
The next in the range I picked up was Fizzy Cola Bottles, this is a lovely brown colour with small particles of glitter running through it great for Autumn when you want to add some sparkle to an otherwise dreary Autumn day.

Models Own Nail Polish - Betty Blue
This is a lovely dark blue colour, and not part of any range, this reminds me of a good Tardis Blue (this was the Doctor Who fan in me that picked this colour)

Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish - Raven Red
As previously said I have tried Cornflower Gleam from the range and really liked it, so I wanted to stock up on some other colours from the range. This is a really dark red colour that looks almost black in the bottle - seriously can't wait to try this colour out to see what it looks like on the nail.

Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish - Ebony Green
This is a lovely emerald green colour, really can't wait to try this one.

Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish - Brunette Red
This is a lovely dark red colour, maybe a shade lighter then the Red Lustre shade, but a really nice colour, again one I am looking forward to wearing, this would look quite good during February for Valentine's Day.

Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish - Red Lustre
This is a bright red, to me a true red colour, it reminds me of Tanya Burr's Mischief Managed in shade, but I can't wait to wear it.

Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish - Pitch Purple
I love my purples (if you saw my Instagram a while back you would have seen a picture of piles of nail polish spread out and one of the bigger piles was of purple). This is a really dark purple colour and reminds me of an Aubergine (the colour of an aubergine not the actual vegetable), This would be a good colour for during the Autumn months when the dark nights draw in and the bolder colours come out.

Models Own Polish for Tans Nail Polish - Beach Bag
This is an enabled purchase, Lily over at LilyPebbles raved and raved about this nail polish colour, I already have Flip Flop, but really wanted to try this colour.

Models Own Remover
I will admit that I have 2 tubs of the Bourjois nail remover in my drawer, so the main reason for buying this was its statement on the front of the tub "Works on glitter to". Now I have never tried glitter nail polish in the Bourjois tub as I heard that it ripped the sponge, so to have one say that it works on glitter as well this I thought I have to try.

Models Own Eyeliner - Black*
This was given as a free gift by the store clerk as we made a purchase, I think I had one of these years ago when the rest of the range could be easily found in Boots stores (and not just the nail polish). Looking forward to trying it out.

Chocomania Eau De Toilette
I picked myself up another bottle of the Chocomania EDT as they had it on sale for £4.50 instead of £8.50, and I think they might be discontinuing the range (Shouts NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). I am still using my original bottle of this but I am 2/3rds of the way through and if they aren't doing the range anymore I didn't want to run out anytime soon.

Vanilla Brulee Eau De Toilette*
This was given as a free gift as I have the membership card to The Body Shop and hadn't collected the £5.00 free gift. I picked up this EDT as it was in the sale for £4.50 rather then the £8.50 it normally was. This is a gorgeous scent and one I can't wait to have a try of.

Aloe Lip Care x2
I originally grabbed 2 of these, one for me, and one for my mum as we both suffer from dry lips, but the skincare was on 3for2 so I grabbed another one of these.
I originally wanted these as I heard via Essie button's YouTube channel that this product was really good for dry lips and as I have the mother off all dry lips I thought I would give it a whirl.

Polar Bear Shower Sponge
My partner last Christmas bought me the Gingerbread Man sponge, and this year he bought me the Penguin, so when I saw the Polar Bear for £1.50 I just had to pick it up.

Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub
As said previously I think The Body Shop are discontinuing the Chocomania range so I grabbed a tub of the sugar body scrub. I love this stuff it smells brilliantly and works really well on the skin.

Next on the list was Superdrug, I wanted to go in this Superdrug as my local one does not have Makeup Revolution (even though I didn't buy anything from there).

I ended up only getting a Sleek blush in Flamingo, which is a gorgeous pink shade - looking forward to using this.

A shopping trip is not a beauty shopping trip without stopping in Boots, (I will admit I was on the lookout for the new Real Techniques brushes but no such luck).
Boots also had some great offers on the products in store, Revlon was 2 for £10 on their eye and lip products, Barry M was buy one get one half price, the same as Rimmel I think)

Real Techniques Blush Brush
I have already have this brush and I was surprised by how much I actually like it so I went and got another one to build my Real Techniques collection.

SEVENETTEN Eyeshadow Brush x2
I bought one of these a while back with a massive amount of Boots points that I had (Blog post can be found here), I really liked the brush for applying the eyeshadow as it is quite a large brush so allows you to apply over a large area of the eyelid.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain - 045 New York Scene
I previously bought one of these a while ago and tried London Posh but really didn't like it, buuuttt I thought I would try other colours in the range. This is a lovely dark berry red colour and looks absolutely stunning.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain - 055 Stockholm Chic
This looks similar to New York Scene in the photo above but they are different, this is more a dark mauvey colour, this would look great during Autumn.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush - 200 Keep Mauving
I have never tried these but I picked up The Redder, The Better and was getting a product half price so I picked this up. It's a lovely mauve colour but looks really nice. The strangest thing is that it smells really lovely, of Flumps Marshmallows.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush - 500 The Redder, The Better
This is an Essiebutton inspired choice, I watched her Taylor Swift video and she was wearing this colour and it just looked fantastic. This again like the Keep Mauving also smells fudging fantastic.

Barry M Starry Eyed Shadow & Blush Palette
I already have most of the Barry M palettes so when I saw this one I added it to my basket. The colours in the palette are just gorgeous, as with the other palettes you have 6 eyeshadows, 3 matte and 3 shimmer shades. The blusher is also a lovely light pink colour that looks like it would add a nice flush of colour to the cheeks.

Barry M Nail Paint - Persian (Aquarium range)
I have most of the non-glitter colours from the Barry M Aquarium range, so when I saw this little gen standing there with the rest, I stood there with my mum saying that I do not have that colour, and it must be new to the range. This is a lovely purple duochrome with what looks like a gold shimmer running though, can't wait to try this colour as I love the others in the Aquarium range.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I had 2 of these previously but one of them fell apart when I was washing it, so I never really replaced it, and I love the buffing brush but didn't really want to fork our £21.99 just to get that, so I thought I would replace my Expert Face Brush. Even though I want another Buffing Brush, I do like this brush for applying my foundation, due to its small roundish shape it works round the contours of my face.

And we have finally made it to the end, I know this was quite a long post, are there any products in the post that you want to try or you have tried, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for tuning in


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