Wednesday 14 January 2015

Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express Mascara

This was one of Maybelline's launches from late last year, the big eyes mascara, it contains two brushes one for the upper lashes and a smaller brush for the lower lashes

The brush for the upper lashes is big, and I like a large brush as it coats all the lashes from root to tip and just gets every lash. I will admit I don't coat my bottom lashes with mascara as I worry that I am going to get panda eyes especially when using a large mascara brush, so the smaller brush for the lower lashes is the brilliant shape and size to coat my lower lashes without giving me the dreaded panda eye or poking my eye with the wand.

The formula is really good as it keeps a curl really well and creates good volume in my lashes (this is always good). I was surprised with how much I actually liked this mascara I just thought it would be gimmicky with the smaller wand but it actually worked really well on my lower lashes.

Now here is the big question, would I buy this product again, and I would repurchase this again, but at the moment my mascara drawer is overflowing.

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