Thursday 22 January 2015

Bioderma Sebium

Now any beauty lover worth their salt knows of Bioderma, the beauty bloggers/vloggers go crazy for this stuff  as the best thing since sliced bread. If you have noticed my bottle isn't the normal bottle that you would see on blogs or YouTube, this is from the Sebium range (green lid) rather then the Sensibo (pink lid).

My bottle above is 250mls, and I actually bought this while I was in London in July last year at John Bell and Croyden (thank you DailyMix)

I've already used up one bottle and I am currently on the second, and I have to admit it is love, it is so soft on my face and does breakdown my makeup, I have also noticed that I'm not getting an overload of spots (only when I'm ill is a breakout never far behind).

The price of the 250ml at JB&C was £10, but this can probably be found cheaper online (Amazon sometimes have some good prices for bioderma).

I will repurchase this as it was really great on my skin leaving it a lot less oily and didn't leave me with any breakouts (which is always a good thing).

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