Monday 12 January 2015

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

I am crap at eyeliner, my eyelids are more mature and pencil eyeliners drag on my lids and just don't do anything. I worry about using liquid eyeliner so when I heard Benefit were bringing out an eyeliner pen that was going to help even the lost causes of eyeliner, line the upper lids, as well as creating a wing, I thought I may as well push myself in at the deep end and give this a try.

The gimmick with this eyeliner is the rubberised nib, because of it's shape and size it is supposed to allow for the eyeliner to get closer to the lash line then any others that have come before it.

As you can see by the nib it is quite uniquely shaped, this allows for creating a thin line on the upper lashes and then allowing you to create a wing effect with it.

This is a lovely eyeliner and it did allow me to create an effective line on my upper lashes when I first opened the product, but I have to admit the rose coloured glasses are off and the results aren't good. On the first use of this it worked like an absolute dream it applied to the upper lid well, and it didn't drag on my eyelid, but it doesn't do what is says on the tin. On my second use of the product I had to twist the pen god knows how many times to get some product out of it, it pulled on my eyelids and product was wasted as I kept have to use the back of my hand to see if any product was coming out.
I will admit, that I did put this in a favourites post around August (I think), and at the time I did like it but after the above problems it really put me off of the product.

As the product gave me that many problems it has been left in my eyeliner pot never to be touched again (unless I am feeling in a daring mood). When this runs out I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase this again, especially with a price tag of £18.50.

Have you had any problems with this product (or is it just me?).

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