Friday 1 September 2017

#FaceMaskFriday: Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask

Welcome to another Face Mask Friday, and can you believe that it is the start of September, how mad is that.

I have heard of the Yes To range, and the many variations that they have (cucumber, coconut, carrots, grapefruit, blueberries, etc, etc,). The tomato range is supposed to be the best range for problem skin (which I have had for years)

The mask contains Aloe Vera, Ginger, Witch Hazel, Green Tea and Tomatoes, and as stated on the Boots website is 96% natural (what happened to the other 4%). They also state that this is Paraben free, Silicone free, and free of SLS (which in this day and age of people smarting up to what is in their skincare items is a good thing).

Now after the talk about the ingredients, let's talk about what the mask was actually like. It as stated on the packaging is a sheet mask and has to be unfolded when removed from the packaging.

The mask is black, and this was just massive and so out of proportion, the eyeholes were huge, and again the mask had to be folded down as it was going in my hair. The scent of the mask was lovely and even when the mask was removed it stayed on my skin.

Once applied the mask is then left on for 10 minutes, and you do feel some tingling, now I wasn't impressed with the tingling and found it to be really tingling just under my nose (it was tingling that much I debated whether to remove it early).

Overall not that impressed with this mask, and really don't think I will be purchasing this one again.

This mask retails for £2.99 and can be found at your local Boots, or online HERE.

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