Sunday 4 January 2015

Honey Ryder - O.P.I.

I bought this a while ago and have just got around to using it, Honey Ryder is from the Bond Girls collection for O.P.I (I bought this on Nail Polish Direct, there are still some items left from the range on their website). The whole collection was made up of their liquid sand polishes, these polishes when applied to the nail had the texture of sand when dried (hence the name liquid sand).

I found the polish to be easy to apply to the nail and not too fiddly, I did assume that the polish would be thick due to the nature of what it contained, when applying this wasn't the case the polish was a nice consistency and applied really nicely onto the nail. 

On the first coat the polish was already quite opaque, but I did add a second coat just to make sure that the polish was fully opaque. I didn't add a top coat as I did not want to detract from the effect of the polish. When dry the polish does feel like you have sand on your nails and to me does feel quite strange but does look great.

Overall a great polish and I am looking forward to trying others in the liquid sand format.

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