Friday 2 January 2015

December 2014 Favourites

Welcome to another favourites post, I will admit this one is a small one (I only have four favourites from December), but still just as good.

The Body Shop Cranberry Shower Gel.
I have had this in my bathroom since last Christmas and was saving it for December (The Body Shop did release a newer scent called Frosted Cranberry this Christmas), but this shower gel just got me into the Christmas spirit with the smell of Cranberries (so glad I have another bottle in the bathroom).

Mark Hill Anti-Humidity Shine Spray
I probably have added this into a previous favourites post, but this stuff is the shizz!! (a blog post will be forthcoming). This is a must have step when I am straightening my hair, as it keeps the frizz at bay and keeps my hair nice and shiny (this is a godsend for my hair)

Honey Ryder - O.P.I Liquid Sand
This is a fabulous nail polish (I probably won't be saying that when I am trying to take it off, thanks to Lily Pebbles for the cotton pad and tin foil idea). The polish applies beautifully to the nail and just creates such a great effect, such a good polish for New Year's Eve.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - Grand Cru
I love the rouge edition velvet's, they are just fantastic lip products, but recently I have started to wear a lot of red lipstick, and this one is just the bomb. I love the colour and it applies to the lips really lovely and stays for ages.

Thanks for tuning into my December Favourites, are there any products there that you have also liked?


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