Tuesday 13 January 2015

SEVENTEEN Cheek Stamp Blushers

As you know I have been dipping my feet in the world of blusher, and they are slowly becoming a staple in my everyday routine.

So while I was perusing the stands in Boots I noted these little contraptions on the SEVENTEEN stand. Well that was it I just had to try them.

The blushers come in 5 shades (I have 4 at the moment) ranging from pinks to peaches and then to browns.

The idea around the little contraption is you unscrew the product and pull the stamp out of the product (in the picture you can see the stamper as it appears before use) and it contains the blusher at the end of the stamper. What you will then dis is twist the stamp pad into the product, apply onto the cheeks, then blend the product out.

The blusher comes in 5 colours, I currently have 4 of the colours and these are:

This is a light brown colour full of shimmer, this would show up on paler skin tones, I do find with my skin tone it can look a bit muddy.

This is a baby pink colour, a great colour when you just want a natural blush to your cheeks. I use this all the time when I want a no makeup, makeup look.

The Cheek of it
This is more of an orange colour with a shimmer running through it, a great colour when applied to the cheeks and easily blendable, great for Summer.

Made You Look
I picked this up by mistake, and was surprised by how much I actually liked it, the reason for this is because it is such a shocking pink colour that it can become blinding. This applies well to the cheeks and also blends really well so it isn't as bright on the cheeks as it is on the pot, it just creates a great flush to the cheeks.

I love this product it is such an ingenious little contraption, and works really well. The blusher blends well on the cheeks and gives a nice pop of colour. I would recommend keeping the little plastic insert inside the blusher otherwise when you pull the sponge out and apply it's just going to be overloaded with more product then you need.

My favourite out of the four I have would have to be Made You Look, it looks so bright in the pot but just looks fantastic on the cheeks.,

These blushers can be picked up at your local Boots or on the Boots website here and retail for £4.99.

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