Wednesday 28 January 2015

Makeup Revolution - Welcome to the Pleasuredome

When Makeup Revolution entered the market, there were rave reviews of their products, and with the release of their Iconic palettes (Urban Decay Naked 1/2/3 dupes), the beauty blogosphere was waiting to see what they would release next. Makeup Revolution didn't disappoint when it released four new palettes (Salvation Palettes), and I have Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

The palette consists of 18 eyeshadow shades, the first two rows contain 12 shimmers while the bottom row contains 6 matte shades.

Let's start with the top row:-

The top row consists of 6 shimmer shades that range from light neutral shades, to darker shimmer shades.

You can see on the image above that I mainly have used the neural side (Xanadu and Moving On), even though I have used Even When They Can't Reach The Top as a crease shade when I was being a bit adventurous.

The middle row like the top contains the last of the six shimmer shades ranging from darker neutral colours to other darker colours.

You can see on the image above that again I tend to stay with the neutral shades, great for applying in the crease and blending out. I have used Where Lovers Roam and Jungle Call as base shades for a natural look (especially when off to work).

The bottom row consists of the 6 matte shades these range from a pure white shade (this is good as a base shade for any smokey eye attempts) to darker matte shades.

You can see from the image above that I mainly use these if I am creating a smokey eye as these again are great in the crease. I have used What A Push Over the most, this is because I've applied an eyeshadow to the lid and just found it to be a bit too dark so by adding a light dusting of the white shade on top it just lightens up the darker shade.

Overall this is a great palette and one that is actually on my desk on display rather then in my drawers. The eyeshadows apply brilliantly to the lids and they are so pigmented (as shown in the above photos, just one swipe of the finger in the palette). The product just feels so buttery and they blend really well together on the lids and with other eyeshadows. The palette as well is also very inexpensive at £6.00, and the packaging is so sturdy, you can feel that it isn't going to smash easily in your makeup bag when travelling.

The palette can be bought online at Superdrug HERE or on the Makeup Revolution website HERE.

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