Saturday 10 January 2015

Wilkinson's Brushes

Wilkinson's last year had a massive overhaul of their beauty section in stores, this included adding Essence stands to the majority of stores and then they overhauled their brush range.

The brushes before the overhaul were just a matte black handle and a brown/ black brush, now I love the old brushes (I actually have some in my brush collection that I still use and haven't shed). When the brushes came out they had two separate types brushes that were in the lower price range, and their luxury brushes in the higher price range (not MAC prices but about £3-£4).

In this post I am going to show you the lower priced range of the brushes so these range from £1-£2 the eye brushes are normally £1 while the foundation, and blusher brushes come in at £2.

Now as you can see in the above picture I don't have the full range of lower priced brushes as a lot of them I know I will not use, but the brushes I do have a great ones. The actual look of the brushes are quite snazzy, they do stand out in my brush collection (they are white and blue/pink bristles, you are not going to miss them).

Now here's the best bit, how do they work when applying any product, because of the lower price you must be assuming 'no, they won't work' buuutttt I kid you not they are fantastic (this is shown by the amount of these brushes in my collection).

The foundation brush becomes thinner on the tip so this allows you to work around the eyes and around the lips.

Some of the brushes I don't use for their main purpose. The blusher brush to me is just to big and fluffy to apply blusher and just looks like a mess on my face so I use this for powder as it just covers a larger area of my face.

The eyeliner brushes are great fro adding shadow to the crease to make sure that you get around the eye before blending.

The eyeshadow brushes are wide so you can apply shadow over a larger area of the eye and allow for you to also get all over the lid.

The next question would be what are they like when you wash them, these are fantastic. I have lost count of how many times I have washed these brushes and I have had no shedding of any bristles (which is a plus).

These brushes are some of my favourites and knowing me I will be grabbing more in the future.

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