Sunday 15 December 2013

BLOGMAS 15: Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and this was bought using my Boots points.

I originally saw this on a YouTube video from Liana Beauty, and thought it was such a good idea (i was in the market for a concealer that was lighter then the one I use on my face, and this just seemed to be everything rolled into one.

If you are a concealer novice it shows you in 3 easy steps how to use the concealer.

STEP 1 - Lighter side for under eye
STEP 2 - Darker side for blemishes and scars on the face
STEP 3 - Setting powder to keep it all in place.

The lighter concealer feels very creamy and isn't highly pigmented so it doesn't need too much blending in, the darker side is very creamy and very pigmented so does need some more time blending it in. The setting powder is just a white pressed powder which goes on to the face translucent.

This is a fantastic concealer and one I will purchase again.

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  1. Oh this looks lovely! I have a feeling I may purchase this and use this in my series, I know where it will fit right in, if I do, I will link you in my post :)

    Ineffable Beauty

    1. Thanks for the comment, and thank you very much as well. It is a lovely concealer and I use it everyday in my male-up routine.