Monday 2 December 2013

BLOGMAS 2: November Empties 2013

Welcome to my monthly November empties post.

1) Kleenex Facial Cloths
These I have had flying around at the back of my bathroom cupboard for ages and finally got around to using them (I'm not sure if they still sell these anymore, but don't trust me on it)

2) Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Wipes 25s (£1.50) 
I use make up wipes to get my foundation off (I saw this being done by BeautyBaby44 on one of her youtube videos and thought it was a good idea)

3) Mark Hill Straight Spray
This is another that has been lying around my bathroom for a while, I haven't used it in months and it just looked like it was festering. I know they have rep

4) Mark Hill Straight Shampoo
As you can see this is the old packaging, and I have had this bottle for a while.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara
I wasn't a big fan of this mascara, the idea of the long brush is sound but I just kept poking myself in the eye and giving myself panda eyes (not a good look)

6) Corsodyl Toothpaste
I bought this thinking it might help my gums and it did but I just could not get over the taste of it. It has sea salt in it so it makes it quite salty and just leaves a really weird taste in the mouth.

7) Dove Maximum Protection go fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent
This I bought as an alternative to the Sure version which I have used previously and will be going back to using the Sure version of this.

8) Boots Oval Double Sided Cotton Wool Pads x50
I wasn't a big fan of the size of these cotton pads, I loved the double sided texture of them thought, you had a lighter texture for using the pad on your face, and then a much tighter texture if you were going to use on the nails. I didn't like the size of the pads as I thought they were a tiny bit too big, but boots do these exact same pads in the round size so might have to invest in them next month.

9) Cotton Wool Pads 100X Superdrug
I bought these from superdrug mainly to use for nail polish remover, but when I bought the L'oreal micellar water, these found a permanent place in the bathroom. I will repurchase these again, but at the moment I am trying out the oval sized cotton wool pads to see how they do.

10) Superdrug Cotton Wool Buds
These are pointed on one end and are fantastic for tidying up nail polish mistakes (especially on the dreaded white hand)

11) Rub Rub Rub - Lush
This stuff is fantastic, I absolutely love it as a body scrub.

12) Batiste Dry Shampoo (Tropical)
I always use a dry shampoo when my hair is straight, it is just to refresh my if I leave it down. This one had such a lovely scent of coconut (I love coconut)

13) Elnett Satin Extra Strength Flexible Hold Hairspray
With my hair being straight for the last couple of days, I have been using up hair spray, just to keep my hair from frizzing up and flying all over the place.

14) L'Oreal 2 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
I love this to take off my make up, I mainly use for my eyes then do a once over of my face to get the last little bit of foundation and primer off.

Thanks for tuning in


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