Sunday 22 December 2013

BLOGMAS 22: Smashbox Try It Set - Bestsellers

I was in Boots a while ago and saw this set for £19.00, now I'm not a fan of high end brands, I begrudge paying those prices, but for the amount you get in here (and please remember they are trial sizes), they aren't that bad.

You receive these products:

  • Face primer
  • Lid Primer
  • Mascara
  • Lip gloss
  • Eyeliner

Face Primer
I have used this and for my first dip into a primer it wasn't too bad, has a very odd texture when you apply to the skin, it feels greasy and then dissappears into the skin quite quickly.
It does make the foundation adhere to the face quite well but I don't think I will buy a full size bottle until I have tried some cheaper alternatives.

Lid Primer
This is an eye opener (in more ways than one), I love this product, it really does help your eyeshadow from creasing, If i had to buy a high end lid primer this would be it.

The mascara was pretty good it didn't clump up my lashes and it lasted quite well.

Lip Gloss
This is a nice sheer lip gloss, and could be used as a top coat over a nude lipstick to give it a bit more shine.

This eyeliner is good, I apply my liner mainly to the bottom lash line of my eyes, and the waterline. It stays in place quite well, and leaves a nice defined line, this I would buy a full sized version.

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