Monday 23 December 2013

BLOGMAS 23: Barry M Nail Corrector Pen

Nail corrector pens are the lazy girls way to clean up a mani (this is if you can't be bothered to get some pointed cotton buds and some nail polish remover in the lid, I've been there, I won't lie)

I love this pen, it makes cleaning my nails a lot easier, I will admit that I do use pointed cotton buds and nail polish remover if I start to run out of this but it is so easy to use and comes with 2 extra double ended applicators which makes it last longer.

My only gripe though is that when it comes to switching the applicator round and you have already done your nails you run the risk of losing the nail polish you've just put on (which is a serious pain in the bum). This retails at around £5 (I got mine from Boots, but it is also available at Superdrug) and I think it's good value as your getting the extra applicators included.

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