Thursday 5 December 2013

BLOGMAS 5: No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser

As I have said previously I have wanted a brush cleanser that will just help to spot clean my brushes before I properly clean them. Through all my searches on the web, trying to find a low cost solution has been quite problematic, all that had been popping up in my searches were the high end solutions which I begrudge paying for. I wanted a brush cleanser that would spot clean my brushes for under £10.00

It wasn't until I was searching the Boots website that I found their No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser for £8.00, this fitted what I was looking for, spot cleaning and under £10.00 Fantastic.

To use this all you need to do is pump some onto a paper towel or tissue (I use cotton wool pads) and wipe your dirty brush onto it. Let the brush dry and it is ready to be used again (this doesn't replace a through wash of your brushes its just a quick clean if you don't have the time then).

I have to admit I am quite amazed by it and by how much it does pull out of my brushes, I will certainly be buying this again as it will be especially useful when going away.

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  1. I didn't realise no 7 did a brush cleanser, I'll definitely have to give this a go! Lovely review x

    1. Thanks for the comment really appreciate them. I didn't know until I was browsing their website, it was a surprise to me as well, but for the price I couldn't say no.