Sunday 22 June 2014

Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner

When you think of gel eyeliner you think of a small pot and an eyeliner brush (well I do anyway), it is a fact well known that I can not apply eyeliner to my upper lids it is a physical impossibility for me, so even entertaining the thought of gel eyeliner was a no no. So when I saw that Avoon had bought out a gel eyeliner in pencil form that was me putting it down on the order form to try out.

The eyeliner is so easy to apply and it is long lasting, it sticks and with it being waterproof that is what I am after, an eyeliner that sticks around a while.

I find that this doesn't need warming up before I apply it, it just goes straight on, the colour is fantastic (yes I know it's black) but it doesn't look too overpowering around the eyes.

Overall a great eyeliner that does last and one of my favourites.

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