Sunday 24 August 2014

Rimmel Lipstick Lock

This was a spur of the moment purchase, I don't wear lipstick that often (a beauty blogger that doesn't always wear lipstick shock! horror!), but when I do, I do like it to last.

This looks like a dupe for lipcote (another lip lock product).

What you do with this is once your lipstick is applied you blot it and then apply a light coat of this over the top. Once applied you then have to wait for it to dry (you can't put your lips together until it has).

It does make my lipstick last by drying it to a matte feel (think of the bourjois rouge edition velvet's and your about there for the sensation), what I'm not a fan of is the smell as it just stinks and it smells like chemicals, which is a product turn off especially when it is going on your lips and there is a minute chance that you will probably end up with some in your mouth (not a nice thought).

It's a good product but the chemical smell just puts me off.

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