Thursday 28 November 2013

Reggae Splash - Rimmel

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and products were bought with my own money.

This is a nice orangey colour (it looked quite peachy in the bottle) but when it is on the nails it does go a lot more orange than first thought.

The polish goes on to the nail really well and the brush fits to the nail bed. The polish can be a tiny bit drippy but this could be because the brush is quite large and has a bigger amount of polish on the brush then a classic brush would.

On applying the 1st coat the polish is quite sheer so I ended up adding 3 coats in the end. Once on after the 3 coats it did turn opaque.

Overall a nice polish, and one I would probably wear in the summer rather than autumn/ winter (unless the colour matched what I was wearing)

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  1. oo wow, this is a gorgeous colour!
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  2. Cute colour, I love rimmel nailpolish!!

  3. You can't beat rimmel they do, do some lovely colours and the Kate Moss selection have some lovely ones