Thursday 14 August 2014

Lime Basil - Revlon Parfumerie

The parfumerie range from Revlon was a massive launch this year, the theory with this polish is that it is scented and to show this the bottles are in the shape of parisian perfume bottles (they seem Parisian to me).

This is a different colour to what I am used to so I am pushing some boundaries (well my boundaries but they are boundaries). The colour is between a pastel and a dark green you could agree on a lime kind of green.

When you open the bottle you get a hint of what the smell might be. The brush is a small, thin brush which allows for you to reach in the corners. With a thin brush I did worry that it would be streaky, on the first application it was but it corrected itself once the second coat was applied.

I applied a top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dry), and worried that the smell might not come through once dried, but I was pleasantly surprised that the smell came through and what surprised me even more is the smell lasted a couple of days, I was only expecting it to last a day at most.

Overall a great polish and one that I will be wearing again come Spring.

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