Sunday 27 October 2013

Garnier Moisture Match (Shine be Gone)

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and product was bought with my own money.

Moisturising is a massive thing and my face needs it big time but my skin is prone to breakouts and I have very dry skin, so to find a moisturiser for me that won't leave me with spots all over my face is a problem.

While in the local supermarket I found Garnier Moisture Match 24H Hydration mattifying fresh cream, this also comes in different products for different skin types. I chose the 'Shine Be Gone' option as it is for combination to oily skin.

Garnier Moisture Match

I managed to pick this up on offer for £4.99 and trialed this for a week to see how my skin handled the product.

Actual tube containing the product.

The tube is 50mls and you only need a small amount to put on your face, as I said I was quite dubious about this as I feared a breakout on my skin, but but using a small amount it left my skin feeling refreshed. It also kept away the dry skin that does accumulate on my face and kept it moisturised

Small amount on the hand

Overall Thoughts.

The product was really good and I will certainly add this to my everyday skincare regime.

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