Friday 25 October 2013

Koala Bear - M.U.A

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and product was bought with my own money.

Superdrug - £1.00

Koala Bear
Koala Bear MUA
Koala Bear on the nails
This is a polish I thought would be good for Autumn and with the wet weather we have been having lately this grey colour seems appropriate.

The Polish is quite reasonably priced at £1.00 from Superdrug, and you get quite an amount in the bottle.

Bottle and Brush
The brush is the classic nail polish brush and the polish goes on quite sheer when you first put it onto the nails. When I put the second coat on it didn't make the colour opaque it still looked quite sheer. 3 coats seems the best idea when putting this polish on or having a white polish underneath it.

The polish wasn't too drippy and went onto the nail quite easily with not very many mistakes (especially on the dreaded right hand).

Overall it is a nice polish, the only bug bear is the 3 coats but other then that a nice autumn colour.

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