Wednesday 8 July 2015

Makeup Bag Collection

Here is something a little bit different for you, and I will admit I got this idea from a video Lily Pebbles released, and I thought that is actually a good idea.

As you can see I am a makeup bag obsessive and I picked some of my favourites at the moment.

Models Own Mini
This is a very bright orange makeup bag that is great to put in your handbag. I did buy this a while ago but it is still retailing on the Models Own website HERE.

Primark 'I Need Makeup'
This is my most recent purchase, and you can guess why, I am thinking of using this when I go away in the summer, so I can keep my options open, so keep an eye out for my travel makeup bag in July and see if I did use this one.

Primark Blue
I have had this makeup bag for a while, again it is from Primark, and don't let it deceive you just because it's quite slouchy, this holds a shedload of makeup. They don't sell this anymore at Primark which is a bit of a shame as it is a great makeup bag. You will have seen this in my Travel Makeup Bag - London Edition (July 2014).

Superdry purple/orange vinyl
I bought this at the Superdry store in Croydon, I love the colour purple and just thought this was such a great little makeup bag. I will admit I haven't fully used this yet but I do intend to. It is the kind of makeup bag you take if you are going away for the weekend or for one night. You may have seen this recently on my instagram as I used it for an overnight stay.

The makeup bag retails for £10.00 and can be found at your local SuperDry store or online HERE.

M&S Limited Edition by Holly Sharpe
This caught my eye because of the imagery on the front, this was a limited edition bag from Marks & Spencer that retailed for £8. The image was drawn by Holly Sharpe, I have used this in my handbag just to put small beauty bits so I wasn't hunting around my bag for them.

M&S Downton Abbey
This was a Christmas present off of my partner, and I just love the Peacock feathers as it reminds me of my nan who had a spray of fake peacock feathers in her front room. I actually bought this for my mum as she loves Downton Abbey whereas I can take it or leave it, and it was more the pattern on the bag.

Boots Black Double Sided
I bought this from my local boots as I really liked the idea behind the design. I did use this when we went to Blackpool, it did well and it held a lot of stuff for over the couple of days that we were there, but I think this might be better used for brushes. I have used this for an overnight stay and kept brushes in one side and my makeup in the other and it did work quite well (You would have seen this on instagram).

The bag retails for £5.00 and can be found at your local Boots or online HERE.

Bodycare 'Two Kittens'
I bought this from my local Bodycare in Durham, for £3.99 (I think), this is a huge makeup bag (and you will have seen it in my short lived Makeup Monday posts (before I got my current storage).

Ted Baker Makeup Bag
This is a lovely makeup bag, and because it is also clear you can see all your makeup so it is somewhat easier to find. The bag is also plastic and is wipe clean so any spillages are cleaned up with no staining of the makeup bag. I purchased this at my local Boots but I don't think they sell it anymore.

Superdrug #Makeup Bag
This was a freebie from Superdrug when you bought 3 items in their recent 3for2 promotion, it's not a bad bag, good for a couple of items probably another bag to use in your handbag stuffed with your essentials.

I hoped you liked my makeup bags, and are you hiding a collection of makeup bags in your wardrobe?

Thanks for tuning in


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