Friday 27 February 2015

Collection Deluxe Lipsticks

Since becoming a Beauty Blogger I have become a lipstick addict, and when I saw the packaging on the Collection Deluxe Lipsticks, that was it they managed to find their way into my basket.

The Deluxe lipstick range comes in 5 shades (I have four), the packaging reminds me of The Great Gatsby, it has that 30's kind of elegance about it, and the names help bring that around as well.

The first shade is Prohibition which is a gorgeous deep red shade, that looks great when you are wanting to rock a bold red lip.

The next shade is Talullah (2 L's and an H, if your a Doctor Who fan you'll get it). This is a lovely light pink shade, I wouldn't say baby pink but a shade lighter then my normal lip colour so it gives a nice hint of colour to the lips.

The next shade is Charleston which is a lovely nude brown shade and great to apply when you want to rock a no makeup look as like Talullah it just adds that subtle hint of colour to the lips.

The final shade is Silent Movie, which again is a bold red but lighter then Prohibition. This is another great shade when your wanting to rock a bold red lip but without going too dark.

All the shades are gorgeous and I have worn them all as they all are great for any specific occasion, the lipsticks all have a nice sheen to them and apply really well to the lips.
I couldn't tell you which shade is my favourite as I love them all but I think the reds might have it as they just look fantastic on the lips and just create and instant statement with just one swipe across the lips.

The lipsticks are also really inexpensive at £3.99 and can be bought at your local Boots or Superdrug.

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