Saturday 21 February 2015

Urban Decay Naked Palette

When you talk of eyeshadow palettes there is one cult classic that shouldn't be missed and that is the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Every Youtuber and their dog seems to have this palette so I ended up treating myself to it for Debenhams.

The Naked palette consists of 6 eyeshadows, 10 shimmer shades and 2 matte shades. I will admit I think there should be a couple more matte shades there but hey ho. The packaging isn't the greatest (you put it in your handbag it may just get broken), for the price they could have given you some sturdier packaging. I will admit I like the velvet cover it's very different and I don't think I've seen anywhere else do this.

The first six shades of the palette consists of 4 shimmers and the only two matte shades. These first six are some of the most used shades out of this palette. I have to admit I love Naked and Buck, they are such great shades to use on a daily basis for a neutral eye and they apply like a dream.

The second set of 6 eyeshadows are much darker then the first six (but that doesn't mean they aren't good). Smog, and Toasted are my most used during the week, but Darkhorse is such a great crease colour to blend with lighter colours it just looks fantastic.

All the eyeshadows just feel so buttery, and you can see on the swatches that they are also very pigmented, so not a lot of product is needed on the brush. I will admit the price of the palette (£38) is  a bit extortionate but to me it is worth the price tag (the packaging isn't but the eyeshadows are).

Do you have the Naked Palette? Do you think it is worth the high price tag?

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