Thursday 26 February 2015

B. Flawless Complete Coverage Foundation - 010 Linen

I am always on the lookout for my holy grail foundation (this will never happen but you never give up hope). I bought this in my local Superdrug when they had the half price offer on the B. Cosmetics range.

The foundation is very thick when it comes out of the bottle, you can see in the picture what looks like scrape marks, the pump stopped working so I literally had to scrape out as much as I could into a travel pot. This put me off the foundation as it was such a faff on just to actually use the foundation.

As I said previously the foundation is very thick so goes on as a full coverage foundation, but because it is so thick it became streaky when I applied with a foundation brush (I ended up having to go back over with my hands to get rid of the streaks).

The foundation boasts on the bottle that it lasts for 16 hours, now I wouldn't say it lasted 16 hours maybe 4/5 (and this is during an 7 1/2 hour work day) before it started to go a bit patchy and soak into the skin.

I wasn't impressed with this foundation, the only thing it had going for it was that the colour wasn't a bad match for my skin. I wouldn't purchase this again but I will try other foundations from the B. Cosmetics range to see if this is just a one off.

This retails at Superdrug or online HERE for £9.99 but they range is normally on offer quite a lot of the time.

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