Thursday 12 February 2015

Maybelline Expert Wear Blusher - Flash Plum

As you know since dipping my toes in the blusher water I have since stocked up my makeup drawer with blushers galore. So when I hit a 3 or 2 at my local Boots I thought I would try the Maybelline Expert Wear Blusher.


I will admit I love this blusher, and I wore it all through December (I am surprised I haven't hit pan yet). The blusher applies well to the cheeks and just adds a great flush of colour onto the cheeks, the blush is quite pigmented so only a small amount is needed on your brush.

I will admit the colour range for this blusher is quite slim, there are 3 including this one which is a bit of a shame as it is such a lovely blusher. The blusher retails for £5.19 on the Boots website HERE. You can also find the blusher at your local Boots and Superdrug as well online.

Overall this is a great blusher but the shade range could do with expanding a bit.

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