Friday 28 February 2014

Natural Collection LashCare Mascara - Clear

I was in Boots browsing the make up displays when I happened across the Natural Collection range, I was just nosing at the mascaras when I saw the LashCare mascara.

This retails at £1.99 and states that it will protect your lashes from the drying effects of mascara and harsh makeup removers, to me that is always a good thing.

I use this on my eyelashes before I add my mascara, so once I have curled my lashes I then add this just to keep the curl while my eyeshadow primer is drying.

I was quite surprised how well this actually works, it keeps my curl and it does keep my lashes from drying out and for £1.99 that is fantastic.

This has become a staple of my make-up bag and will forever stay there (until Natural Collection discontinue it)

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