Saturday 22 February 2014

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Mega Volume - Black

This is L'Oreal's new mascara release the Miss Manga Mascara, you probably will have seen the adverts all over the TV (I don't think you could have missed them even if you tried). As the consumer of beauty products that I am I had to see what the mascara was about.

From the blogging sphere opinion has been divided regarding this mascara and I have to admit I like it and I don't (I know, I'm on the fence, major cop out). My reasons are I like the brush with its pointed shape it does help to get into the hard to reach places on your eyelashes, I also love the packaging, and the flexible brush.

As you know my pet peeve is when a brush is so full of product you can't see the brush anymore, and this brush does it which can then make your lashes look clumpy.

It retails for around £8.99 which isn't a bad price especially for L'Oreal, I would repurchase again but probably when it is on offer or in a 3 for 2.

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