Wednesday 12 February 2014

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil

I had finished my Body Shop Oil and was looking for a cheaper alternative, when I noticed this.

The French are known to be fabulous when it comes to skincare, and the packaging looked very good, the spray pump sounded like it would be an easier and quicker way of getting the product on.

First off this smells gorgeous, everytime I use it my partner always comments that I smell nice. The spray pump is good and sprays a nice amount of product onto the skin, but as soon as I rub it in and go to use the spray pump again I can't get a grip as my hands are covered in oil.

I'm probably being awkward, and using it completely differntley to everyone else (putting it on then rubbing in then trying to use the spray again. What can I say I'm awkward).

I do like this and it is a cheaper alternative to The Body Shop's oil, but I would only buy this when it was on offer

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