Thursday 18 June 2015

Simple Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper

Trying to find this product has been a trek and a half, but I finally found it and now to find out if the trek was worth it.

The Simple spot zapper was easy to use, the tube has a rollerball on the end so this was just applied to the problem area.

I've used this for the past couple of months, and I really did not see a difference in my spots after I used it, there was no reduction of redness and the spot was still there a couple of days later. I have kept at it with this but it does not seem to work on me.

The spot zapper retails for £5.49, I looked on the Boots website and was not able to find it there (did I say I had a trek to find this), I did find it on the Superdrug website HERE.

I wouldn't repurchase this again as it really just did not work on my skin.

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