Wednesday 26 February 2014

L'Oreal Eau De Teint Foundation - Porcelain

This was recommended to me by Cornelia over at Ineffable Beauty,

It is a very odd foundation, it's very watery but it is also very lightweight on the skin.

I will admit that it does take some getting used to, the foundation goes on very sheer (it seems like it does to me), and I sometimes feel that it hasn't covered my face.

It also contains my favourite thing in a foundation, an SPF (which is 15), I love the bottle (which is glass), but the only downside is you only get 20mls of product (when the norm for size is 30mls) especially for a £9.99 price tag.

On the packaging it directs you to apply the foundation on with your fingers, because of the consistency of the foundation this can become quite messy and your bathroom could end up covered in spots of foundation.

It did take a while for me to get into the foundation, but it has become one of my favourites, it goes on easily (barring the messy bathroom), and it really looks like you have nothing on, but giving good coverage. I can also put aside the size and the price tag as it is one of my favourite foundations at the moment.

Cornelia I salute you for this brilliant find!!

Thanks for tuning in



  1. I can't wait to try this - it seems so wonderful. Only thing that puts me off is that there's no pump, but hey ho - can't have everything... :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. That put me off for a bit but it's not too bad, just make sure you have a towel around or your over the sink as it is quite watery and after the first couple of uses my hand ended up splattered with foundation.

  2. I've started using this foundation recently too. I absolutely love it. I love how it makes me feel like I'm not wearing anything, and doesn't cover up my freckles or make me look cakey. You're right though, it is very liquidy and can get messy!

    1. I absolutely agree with you it does feel like you're not wearing a thing on your face, and as my face can become quite oily it doesn't pack too much product onto my face to make my t-zone any worse than it already is.