Saturday 1 February 2014

January Favourites

* Denotes gift

Welcome to January Favourites, and it's already the end of January and the start of February (where did January go so fast?).

As you can see from the basket I have a wide selection of favourites this month.

1. Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo
This is a fantastic shampoo for my hair, I use it once a week and it completely removes all the excess oil from my hair.

2. Expert Face Brush - Real Techniques
Where has this brush been all my life, it is fantastic (I bought another one as I loved it that much), I may have to add another one to my collection.

3. Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets
These I bought on a whim and thank god I did, these are fantastic to use during the day to take any excess oil off of my face to stop my make up slipping.

4. L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash - 306 Bonnie
This is fantastic, when I put this onto my lips it felt just like putting water onto them, and then the texture of the lip gloss changed and it became much thicker (I will have to add some more to my collection).

5. Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette - No.7 Naked
I'm known for my love of neutral colours especially during the day while I am at work (during the weekend neutrals are gone), this palette had such a good range of shades that I could use during the week while I was at work that I could wear a different colour every day.

6. Espresso - Barry M Matte Nail Paint
This is a great nail polish, went on really easy and I do love a matte nail colour, even though this was black it still looked good on the nail, and looked quite classy as it was a matte polish.

7. I Love...Raspberry & Blackberry Super Soft Hand Lotion*
I actually received this as a stocking filler as I love the smell of raspberries, and this hand lotion is lovely, as soon as it goes onto my hands you can smell the raspberries, and it doesn't make my hands to greasy but keeps them really moisturised.

8. Superdrug Strawberry & Raspberry Shower Gel*
As I said I am a sucker for anything smelling of raspberries and this one is another fantastic one (I originally got a travel size for Christmas and just had to get the normal size). I will admit it has such a weird consistency, like a jelly almost but it makes the shower smell of raspberries (Pure heaven for me).

9. I Love...Raspberry & Blackberry Refreshing Body Spritzer*
Another stocking filler I received, but I will repurchase this again. I like a body spray as I just spritz it all over to give off a nice smell.

I hoped you like my favourites of January and tune in tomorrow to see what I managed to use up as well.

Thanks for tuning in


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