Sunday 16 March 2014

Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils

I love an eyeshadow pencil, they are the greastest things to be invented, especially when you are on a night out and need to touch up they are fantastic. So when I saw Collections offeting of the Work The Colour range I just had to snap some up.
The Collection offering of eyeshadow pencil comes in 6 colours. These are:

Vanilla Sky
Gunmetal Glitz
Vintage Blush
Hot Chocolate
Midnight Glam
Denim Diva

The colours are highly pigmented, and go onto the lids really easily as well as smoothly. I found that they were easily blendable with other powder eyeshadows and didn't look too cakey on the lids. I only have four of them at the moment.

Vanilla Sky
This is a lovely white colour with a tiny bit of a shimmer running through it. Shows up very white when on the lids, this could be used as a base to enhance the colour of other eyeshadows.

Gunmental Glitz
You may remember that this was feature on my October facourites last year, this is a lovely grey colour with a shimmer running through it, easily applied to the lids.

Hot Chocolate
This is a lovely dark brown, brilliant for when you want to change your eye makeup for a night time look.

Denim Diva
This is a dark blue colour, it is highly pigmented, and I lighten the colour up by just adding a lighter eyeshadow on top.

These can be found at Boots or Superdrug or on the Collection website.

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