Friday 31 January 2014

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets

Now I know I am a bit late with these as they have been discontinued (as far as I know) and the only places I have found them are Home Bargains where they are a massive 29p or on Amazon where they can be a lot more.

These little beauties are a godsend, they take off any excess oil that might be on your face to stop your make-up from disappearing (I'm late to blotting papers, where the heck have I been living??).

They come in a small box and contain 50 purple sheets, the top of the box also contains a sticky bit that when the packet is opened will pull out just the one sheet (ingenious, and yes simple things for simple minds here).

I love the design of the sheets, they have a leaves/vines patten on one side and the other side is the side you use to blot your face, once you have blotted your face the paper goes a darker purple.

These are brillaint, and it is gutting that Kleenex have discontinued these (when I am in Home Bargains I always grab a load to keep my stocks up).

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  1. I wondered why I couldn't find these in Sainsbury's! I was in Home Bargains the other day and didn't see them but I am definitely going back for a proper look. These are amazing and I've not been able to find anything that works as well. Clinique do some but they're very expensive :(

    1. They are hidden right on the shelves, it took me about 3 searches of the aisle before I found them.