Tuesday 21 January 2014

Collection Metallic Cream Eyeshadow

The collection metallic cream eyeshadows come in a range of 6 colours, and I have 4 of those, all these eyeshadows are highly pigmented:

Copper Pot
As you can gather by the name this is a coppery tone,

Platinum Bling
This is a nice silvery colour, good if you want to add a highlight to the inner corner of the eye

Rock N Rose
This is a light pink colour, quite subtle on the lids (so it doesn't look like you've been hit in the eye).

Gold Rush
This is quite a strong gold colour, good for on a night out.

These are good eyeshadows and are very creamy, the only con to them is that you do have to wait for a bit for the eyeshadow to dry (I end up wafting my hands over my eyelids to make them dry quickly). If you open your eyes then you end up smudging them and it just ends up everywhere.

Overall a good eyeshadow but quite a faff on trying to get them dry when you're in a rush.

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