Tuesday 28 January 2014

Johnson's Baby Shampoo

I have gotten into the habit of cleaning my brushes as I have started to use them quite regularly, and I read or saw on a beauty blog that they used Johnson's Baby shampoo to clean their brushes, and that seemed to me a really good idea.

With make up brushes and cleaning them, I am not going to use something that I wouldn't use on my face, and with Johnson's Baby Shampoo at least you know it isn't going to be harmful to your skin. I previously posted about how I clean my brushes which can be found here.

This is a gentle shampoo, and works really well on my brushes to get the brush cleaner out, as well as any last bits of make up that might be stuck in the bristles and I'm safe in the knowledge that when using the brushes I'm not going to be spreading any nasty chemicals onto my face.

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